Kawhi Leonard to Join Lakers, Says Ex-NBA Player Ricky Davis [Watch]

Kawhi Leonard Ricky Davis Lakers Free Agency

Getty Former NBA Player Ricky Davis is calling Kawhi Leonard to the Lakers.

Former NBA player Ricky Davis had a solid 12-year career in the NBA before hanging it up in 2010. Known for his ability to go out and get buckets and get into trouble, Davis was one of the NBA’s most frustrating players as he posted impressive seasons on multiple occasions yet was unable to stick with any one team for very long.

Davis is perhaps best known for tossing himself a rebound off his own basket in order to try and secure his first career triple-double. Never one to shy away from the camera as well, Davis gave a bold prediction on the free agent future of Kawhi Leonard.

Kawhi Leonard To Sign With Lakers Says Ex-NBA Player Ricky Davis [Watch]

Ricky Davis probably isn’t the most reliable source on Kawhi Leonard but it is interesting nonetheless to hear a former NBA player come out and say with authority that Leonard to the Lakers is basically a done deal. More than “basically” a done deal, Davis goes as far to say that it is signed and good to go.

This much is likely untrue as obviously nothing has been announced at the time of this writing. That said, these are the types of clips that inspire hope in Lakers fans that Leonard is coming to complete an extremely dangerous big three.

Los Angeles Lakers’ Kawhi Leonard Free Agency Hunt Off to Slow Start

Despite a number of big names making a splash the second free agency opened, Kawhi Leonard has been content to sit back in silence and weigh his options. In no rush to make a decision, the Lakers have been extremely quiet since free agency opened up as they need to address Leonard before remotely considering any other options.

However, this could come as a bonus to the Lakers as teams with cap space have been paying a premium for quality role players and as the pool of available money dries up, the Lakers could be left with a fairly strong crop of talent to select from using veteran minimum contracts.

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