Kyle Kuzma Posts Hilarious Response to LeBron James’ Tweet

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Getty LeBron James and Kyle Kuzma

With rumors running rampant that LeBron James may have announced his number over Twitter, Kyle Kuzma seems to have confirmed it by weighing in on the matter. Kuzma is one of only three Lakers actively under contract and the only young player to survive being traded for either Anthony Davis or salary cap relief.

Kyle Kuzma Posts Hilarious Response Tweet to LeBron James’ Possible Number Reveal

With LeBron hinting at a return to wearing 6 after giving Anthony Davis 23, Kuzma decided to plead with the King to bring back the headband. Headband LeBron wreaked havoc on the NBA – most notably during his Heat years. Known for the exciting and above the rim play that overwhelmed opponents, the return of headband LeBron would set the Lakers’ fans into a frenzy with dreams of high flying dunks and championship rings.

Kyle Kuzma looks to play a crucial role in that plan moving forward as a floor-stretching forward who has a natural chemistry with LeBron James – who is also on an incredibly team friendly deal.

When you actually look at things, LeBron has won more titles (2) wearing 6 than he has (1) wearing 23!

Lakers Free Agency Plans

With $32 million available in cap room and with Alex Caruso and Jonathan Williams restricted free agents, the Lakers have a few different avenues they can go. In order to sign a max free agent, they would likely be giving up all their remaining cap space and forced to fill out the roster using a cap exception and veteran minimum contracts. While lacking depth, the starting lineup for this version of the Lakers would essentially be unstoppable (on paper).

On the flipside, the Lakers could potentially avoid top tier free agents altogether and use their money to cobble together a strong supporting cast of shooters and defenders to surround LeBron and Davis with. LeBron and Davis will need all the spacing they can get in order to punish teams at the rim and having reliable shooters on the outside ensures that teams can’t sag off their man and slide into the paint to help defend. Especially in this loaded free agency crop, the bargain bin for solid players should be fairly deep.