Lakers Anthony Davis Trade: Latest News & Updates on Offer for AD

Lakers Anthony Davis trade rumors offer updates

Getty New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis

The chatter around the Los Angeles Lakers’ pursuit of a trade for Anthony Davis has picked up steam in a big way over the past week. In turn, this has led to more rumors, reports and speculation about what a potential deal for the New Orleans Pelicans star could look like. While nothing is set in stone and no clear-cut offers have been revealed, there have been a number of reports which have come to light.

At this point, it’s tough to put too much stock into the various rumors, but we’re going to lay out a number of things which have been tossed out, along with the most recent updates on talks. We’ll first start by going back a few days to the topic of a third team being brought into the mix.

While it was believed for some time that a Lakers trade for Davis would require a third time, a few specific teams have been cited. Potential third teams in a deal and names who could be moved will remain a big topic moving forward.

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Lakers Trade For Anthony Davis [UPDATE]

In a massive move, the Lakers completed their trade for Davis. As ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported, the deal includes three firstround picks, Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart for Davis.

Lakers’ Anthony Davis Trade Likely to Have 3rd Team

The website OnSmash reported that a trade between the Lakers and Pelicans could be done this weekend. They also proceeded to point to the fact that it may actually involve four teams instead of three but said the likely outcome features Lakers guard Lonzo Ball heading to the Phoenix Suns.

Along with that, NBA reporter Arye Abraham also spoke about a third team being in the mix but cited the Washington Wizards. There was no confirmation as to what could be involved from either team in order to make a potential deal happen.

The team which has come to light as of late as a top choice to potentially wind up in the trade with the Lakers and Pelicans is the Chicago Bulls. The idea behind this makes sense, as K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune reported in late May that the Bulls will add a point guard this offseason but “it’s just a matter of how.”

Johnson proceeded to point out that Ball “intrigues the Bulls” and is a player who can “best maximize the talents of Lauri Markkanen, Zach LaVine and Wendell Carter Jr.,” making him a top trade option.

Lakers’ Trade for Anthony Davis: Kyle Kuzma & No. 4 Pick

The Lakers appeared to be locked in on not including Kyle Kuzma as a part of the Davis deal. Tania Ganguli of the Los Angeles Times first reported this news, while citing that the Pelicans want Kuzma to be included.

There have since been reports that the Lakers are open to putting Kuzma in a trade now, although it’s unknown whether that will be the way things could shake out. Beyond that, Marc Stein of the New York Times also reported that the trade could hinge on what the Lakers’ No. 4 pick can provide.

The report from Stein goes along with some of the potential trade rumors which bring a third team into the mix. From the look of it, the Pelicans do not want the No. 4 selection, but instead, want it to go to a third team while they receive a player in the deal.

Lakers Trade Offers for Anthony Davis: Rumors & Reports

There have been a few various reports which have come to light about potential trade offers, although none are confirmed to this point. One interesting reported offer which came out was from a Reddit user by the name of RDAmbition, who has broken Lakers news in the past. LakeShowWorld first revealed the offer that was cited and included the Bulls.

  • Lakers receive: Anthony Davis
  • Pelicans receive: Zach LaVine, pick No. 7 in 2019 NBA Draft, Lakers 2020 unprotected 1st, Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart
  • Bulls receive: Lonzo Ball, Solomon Hill and pick No. 4 in 2019 NBA Draft

The initial report a bit prior to this pointed to the Bulls or Suns being the likely third team in a trade, but it cites that the Wizards and Hawks emerged as options as well.’s Brandon Robinson also pointed to a trade which would feature the same framework as the offer above.

As time rolls on, the trade appears to look increasingly likely, as NBA reporter Arye Abraham also stated that the Davis deal will get done, but it’s a matter of whether it’s a three-team deal or not. According to the report, the Pelicans will accept a deal from the Lakers with Ball, Kuzma, Brandon Ingram and the No. 4 pick, although it’s unknown if Los Angeles would do this.

While the trade chatter has been a bit all over the place lately, Shamit Dua of Bourbon Street Shots pointed out that the Pelicans were “seriously interested” in a trade for Wizards’ Bradley Beal even before trade talks. He also cited that the Pelicans (obviously) would want him in a three-team deal which sent Davis to the Lakers.

That’s likely a longshot to happen, as Beal could pull a huge haul in a standalone trade, but his inclusion could make things even more interesting moving forward.

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