Shaq Becomes a Dallas Cowboy for a Day [WATCH]

Getty Shaquille O'Neal

The Diesel, the Big Aristotle, Shaq Fu … Shaq Prescott?

Shaquille O’Neal is a man of many nicknames, but may be adding another one to his resume after finding himself with a locker next to Prescott at The Star this week.

The Dallas Cowboys official Twitter account shared a picture of the four-time NBA champ decked out in Cowboys gear.

Shaq later shared a hilarious video on Instagram for his 12 million-plus followers in the team’s locker room. The caption read, “Got to be a COWBOY FOR THE DAY. Thanks Dallas Cowboys for making my dreams come true. Cowboys forever.”


Shaquille O’Neal A Long-Time Dallas Cowboys Fan

O’Neal is one of the more famous Cowboys fans and has throw his weight behind the squad in the past, saying they will “always” be his team.

After the Cowboys got blown out in a game in 2017, Shaq went on NFL Network to get behind his team during the hard time.

“We took a beat down last week, but that’s OK,” he said while being interviewed by Deion Sanders. “The young fellas have to learn that first there’s love and then there’s hate. Now you just have to take that criticism and add it to your DNA and go in there and look at the wall and look at the other greats like yourself, Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith and look at what they had to endure … All the great players go through this. Hopefully they learn from that and hopefully this is their year.”

After the Cowboys were eliminated from the playoffs last year, Shaq tried to go undercover on Stephen A. Smith’s radio show as “Tex Johnson” to defend his team. He did little to disguise his voice, which made the call even more hilarious.

“First of all, you gotta take that damned cowboy hat off and stop talking about the damned Cowboys. You understand me, son” Shaq said. “Jerry Jones don’t need to do nothing, the coach will not be fired — Cowboys nation forever.”

The charade didn’t last long. Smith called out Shaq shortly after he said he would bring his horses up to New York to do their business on his lawn.

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