World Cup Overtime Rules: What Happens If Teams Tie in WWC?

Getty Julie Ertz and Alex Morgan are both dealing with injuries.

World Cup games cannot end in a tie once the tournament reaches the knockout stage. After a brief intermission, Women’s World Cup matches that are tied head into extra time where there are two 15-minute halves. The game would then go into penalty kicks if the score is still tied after two extra time periods as detailed by FIFA.

In the knockout stages, if a match is level at the end of normal playing time, extra time shall be played. Extra time shall consist of two 15-minute periods, with an interval of five minutes at the end of normal playing time, but not between the two periods of extra time. The players shall remain on the pitch during both of these intervals.

If the score is still level at the end of extra time, kicks from the penalty mark shall be taken to determine the winner, in accordance with the procedure specified in the Laws of the Game.

World Cup Games Can End in a Tie During the Group Stage, But Not Once the Tournament Hits the Knockout Round

During the group stage, games can end in a tie thanks to the point system used for the standings. Teams are awarded three points for a win and one point for a tie. The top two teams advance from each group.

Once the World Cup hits the knockout round, the tournament becomes single elimination. This means each match must have a clear winner to advance to the next round. Extra time along with penalty kicks means the game either ends in a win or loss. For the remainder of the USA’s 2019 World Cup matches, the games cannot end in a draw.

Each Team Starts With 5 Penalty Kick Attempts During Shootouts

If the match remains tied after both extra time periods, the game will go into penalty kicks. Each team starts out with five penalty kick attempts. If one team has an advantage after five kicks, they are declared the winner of the match. If the game is still tied after five attempts, penalty kicks continue until one team is ahead after each squad has the same number of attempts. According to the Japan Times, there has already been a slight rule change involving the goalkeeper during penalty kicks for the 2019 World Cup.

FIFA received approval from the game’s lawmaking body to suspend the rule that goalkeepers must be shown yellow cards for stepping off the goal-line during penalty shootouts.

With video assistant referees able to keep a closer eye on infringements, FIFA feared more goalkeepers could be penalized — and sent off if it’s a second booking with no substitute allowed during shootouts. But the penalty kick will still be retaken.

The International Football Association Board granted the temporary dispensation on Friday which means goalkeepers can only be booked at the tournament for stepping off the line with both feet during a penalty kick in normal time.