‘All or Nothing’ Panthers Release Date: Season 4 Now on Amazon

All or Nothing Panthers

Getty Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers are featured on the latest season of "All or Nothing."

The Carolina Panthers are the latest team to be featured on Amazon’s “All or Nothing” docu-series. All or Nothing Season 4 with the Panthers was scheduled to be released on Friday, July 19, but it looks like Amazon has released the show a little early on the eve of the official date.

I was able to start watching the show tonight on the eve of the release date through my prime membership, so be sure to check out Amazon to see if you are able to start watching new episodes. The series will give a behind-the-scenes look at the Panthers 7-9 season in 2018.

The Panthers are the latest team to be featured joining the Cardinals, Rams and Cowboys who were previously selected for the series. Fans will need an Amazon Prime subscription (or trial) to be able to watch the series. Actor Jon Hamm returns to narrate the Panthers season in “All or Nothing.”

One of the big storylines of the series is expected to be Cam Newton’s shoulder injury. There is also the breakout season of Christian McCaffrey, one of the few bright spots for a team that missed the playoffs. After starting the season 6-2, the Panthers lost seven straight games to end their postseason hopes.

Some of the less favorable parts of the Panthers season were not included. Please be advised there is a minor spoiler ahead about one of the stories not included in “All of Nothing.”

Former Panthers Owner Jerry Richardson’s Workplace Misconduct Scandal Was Left Out of the Series

One of the biggest controversies surrounding the Panthers season had nothing to do with the players. According to the Charlotte Observer, former Carolina owner Jerry Richardson was not mentioned in the series, despite the workplace misconduct scandal that led to him selling the team to David Tepper.

Richardson founded the Panthers. He owned the team for 23 of its 24 NFL seasons. Then, shrouded in a workplace misconduct scandal that eventually caused the NFL to issue him the largest fine in league history, Richardson sold the team under duress in 2018 to David Tepper.

Yet Richardson’s name is never mentioned in a single episode. It’s as if Tepper simply emerged from some random financial market with a few billion dollars and bought the team from Costco.

Fans Reacted Favorably to Amazon Releasing “All or Nothing” Season 4 Early

Football fans were not expecting to be able to watch “All or Nothing” until midnight at the earliest. Amazon gave fans a present with an early release of Season 4 episodes while the Panthers players were attending their own private screening of the series. With Netflix also dropping “Last Chance U” on July 19 there is plenty of football to binge-watch this weekend.

“Gonna binge watch the new season of All or Nothing, then go to football in the morning, and then binge watch the new season of Last Chance U. Yeah, it’s safe to say that I love football,” Collin Dotson tweeted.