Drew Brees’ Wife Brittany & Kids Get ESPYS Love Along With Migos

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Getty Drew Brees wife, Brittany Brees, was center stage during the quarterback's 2019 ESPYS acceptance speech.

Drew Brees thanked nearly everyone in the building at the 2019 ESPYS, but his wife, Brittany Brees, took center stage. Drew started his acceptance speech for Best Record-Breaking Performance by thanking his wife who was sitting in the audience with their three sons: Baylen, Bowen and Callen. The couple’s daughter Rylen was not in attendance.

“First and foremost, I want to thank my wife, Brittany Brees,” Drew said as he started his speech. “I love you so much, and I fall more in love with you each and every day. Thank you for being on this journey with me. I couldn’t do it without you.”

Drew and Brittany met in college at Purdue. Drew admitted to ESPN the Magazine that he did not leave the best first impression.

“I made a real fool of myself when I first met her,” Brees told ESPN the Magazine. “It was when I was a sophomore. It was my 20th birthday and I’d had about 17 shots and put my foot in my mouth. It was a typical football player cheesy line — we’ll leave it at that. It took me six months to get the courage to talk to her again. I finagled my way to get invited to a party that I knew she’d be at.”

Drew Brees Gave a Shoutout to His Kids Heroes Including Migos, Zion Williamson & Saquon Barkley

Drew Brees Migos

Drew Brees pictured with rappers Migos at the 2019 ESPYS

After thanking his wife, Drew focused on his three sons who were sitting with her in the crowd. The hip-hop group Migos gave Drew the award and the quarterback made a simple request for the rappers who happen to live in the Saints’ rival city of Atlanta.

“My boys want to meet you guys later if that’s okay,” Drew noted before he started his speech.

Drew went on to speak about how special it was for his sons to meet some of their heroes during the award show. Drew gave shoutouts to many of the athletes who his children look up to including Zion Williamson, Saquon Barkley, Patrick Mahomes, Odell Beckham Jr. and the USWNT.

“As excited as I was to come here tonight and have the opportunity to win this award,” Drew noted during the speech. “I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I was the most excited to have the chance to bring my three sons, Baylen, Bowen and Callen, to give them the opportunity to meet some of their heroes, their role models. The guys and girls that they look up to who play every sport you can imagine. My boys are sports junkies. They watch it all, they play it all.”

Drew Calls Being a Dad the “Greatest Job”

Drew and his family are actively involved in the New Orleans community through their foundation. Drew previously called being a dad the “greatest job” but also emphasized the responsibility that comes with it.

“Being a dad is the greatest job and the biggest responsibility that we all have as dads in the entire world,” Drew said, per E News. “I couldn’t love it more than I do.”