Elise & Golden Tate: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Golden Tate and Elise Tate

Instagram/Elise Tate

NFL receiver Golden Tate was suspended for four games due to performance-enhancing drugs. Tate, who is playing for the New York Giants this season, claimed that the reason he failed his drug test was that he had taken fertility drugs.

In a statement, Tate wrote “This past April, during the off-season, my wife and I decided to see a specialist for fertility planning. I started the treatment prescribed to me and just days later I discovered it contained an ingredient that is on the league’s banned substance list. I immediately discontinued use, I reported the situation to the Independent Administrator of the NFL Policy on Performance-Enhancing Substances, and I spoke with my coaches and general manager.”

His statement suggests that he and his wife, Elise, intend to grow their family but were having trouble getting pregnant. The couple already has two children together.

Here’s what you need to know about Elise and Golden Tate:

1. They Had Their Second Child, Golden Tate IV, in February 2019

Elise and Golden have two young children, a daughter named Londyn and a son named Golden. Golden, who is the fourth in his family to carry on the now-famous name, was born in late February 2019. When they announced his birth to their Instagram followers on social media, they wrote “although you’re rarely awake for us to tell you, we couldn’t be more in love with you, son. These past five days have been a dream come true, it’s hard to put into words the overwhelming feeling of love and thankfulness in our home right now… but we just feel complete.”

The couple enlisted the help of the Philadelphia Eagles, who Tate was playing for at the time, to reveal the gender of their second baby. In the sweet video, they revealed that they were going to sponsor and give clothes, toys, and baby goods to a little boy, since that was what they were expecting. They revealed the gender by writing “BOY” in the donated supplies on the football field, with the Eagles logo serving as the “O.”

You can watch the complete video here.

2. They Got Married in Mexico in 2017

Elise Pollard became Elise Tate on March 11, 2017, when the couple got married in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. According to The Knot, Elise designed her custom gown, which she wore while the sea served as the backdrop for their wedding ceremony.

3. They Live in San Diego, Near Elise’s Family

In 2017, Golden and Elise bought a house in San Diego. Although they are often traveling when Tate is in-season for football, their choice in home base location makes sense, considering that’s where Elise’s family lives. Golden grew up in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the house sold to Tate for $2.599 million. It is located in the Santaluz golf course community and is 6,300 square feet with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

4. Golden Designed Elise’s Custom Engagement Ring & Planned an Elaborate Proposal

On September 12, 2015, when Golden was playing for the Detroit Lions, he proposed to Elise in their home city San Diego when they were in town for the Lion’s season opener. Golden told The Knot “It had to be stunning to match her, so I worked with Chase Gregory who does amazing custom jewelry out of Los Angeles to create her dream ring. He was a huge help and told me to start with the perfect center stone. It was hard to create this without her knowing, so one week while I was in training camp in Michigan, I flew Chase out (literally with a case of loose diamonds) to examine each one myself and pick the perfect rock. From there, we designed the setting and band. I like to think I’ve got some style, so I just created what I thought would be amazing on her. It worked out.”

The proposal itself was as thoughtful and beautiful as the ring. Golden said “Weeks before we went to San Diego, I planted the seed for the waterfront proposal location. I told her I missed the ocean and asked her if we could take a walk by the water when we got to California. She was so excited and happily agreed, and also said she couldn’t wait to go swimming (even though I knew there wouldn’t be any swimming with that ring in my pocket!).” They celebrated with a surpise engagement party after.

5. They Were Criticized for Attending a Charity Event at the Trump National Golf Course

After their wedding, an old photo surfaced of Elise and Golden wearing the red “Make America Great Again” caps that Trump supporters wore during his 2016 presidential campaign. According to CBS Sports, the couple wore the hats while at the Trump National golf course for a golf tournament.

In response to the backlash and rumors that he was a Trump supporter, Golden tweeted “Is this a joke? We 100% did not wear MAGA hats our wedding weekend in Mexico for our wedding. And I 100000000000% don’t support trump.” He tweeted again, explaining “Especially after all those poor performances at the debates.I did wear a hat about a year ago at a golf tourney at trump national. That’s it.”