Lakers Already Have Best Duo In League, Says Kendrick Perkins

LeBron James & Anthony Davis Lakers

Getty Anthony Davis and LeBron James attend the Klutch 2019 All Star Weekend.

Despite the Kawhi Leonard sweepstakes continuing to drag out, the Lakers still sit in a fairly comfortable position with a formidable duo in place of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Two of the best players in the league, Davis and LeBron seem to be an idyllic fit on paper – not only due to their immense talent level – but the fact that their games seem to compliment one another perfectly.

Davis’ supreme athleticism and versatility either rolling to the rim or popping off a screen for the shot make him the type of pick and roll weapon that LeBron has never had the opportunity to play with. On the flip side, Davis has never played with a ballhandler and playmaker remotely as skilled as James.

While we have yet to see how the relationship actually works on the court, even former NBA players can’t help but fawn over the idea of how dominant the pairing of Davis and James would be.

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Lakers Duo of Anthony Davis and LeBron James Already Best In League, Says Kendrick Perkins

When asked how the Lakers would hold up if they can’t land Kawhi, Perkins didn’t miss a beat in saying that the Lakers would be just fine. Perk even said that they could stick fellow TV host Skip Bayless in the corner to shoot threes and they would STILL be okay.

Comparing Davis and James to some of the other elite duos in the NBA, Perkins – rightfully so – says that he would take the Lakers’ tandem over any other in the league. Despite bringing up big names like Lillard/McCollum and even Harden/Paul, Perkins stood firmly in his belief that the Lakers have the best 1-2 punch in the NBA by a mile.

Given the Lakers’ pursuit of Kawhi Leonard, it should be interesting to see just exactly how they plan to fill out the roster surrounding James and Davis as the team currently lacks both a point guard and a true center on the roster.

Lakers Kawhi Leonard Free Agency Update

All still remains quiet on the Kawhi Leonard front. After taking his final meetings with Toronto yesterday, Leonard has backed off to make his decision on where he plans to sign in free agency. However, according to Kawhi insider (and NFL HOFer) Cris Carter, we shouldn’t expect a decision to come today. However, Leonard seems to be getting closer to a decision and it isn’t unrealistic to expect him to finalize his choice before the weekend.

Leonard’s choices seem to be whittled down to the Lakers, Raptors, and Clippers. However, the Clippers may be already eliminated from Leonard’s process if the latest reports are true. However, nothing has been confirmed or denied by Leonard or any of the teams involved so it is difficult to get an actual read on what exactly is going on.

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