Derek Carr Asks LeBron James, Woj for Kawhi Leonard-Lakers Update

Derek Carr Jon Gruden

Getty Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr and coach Jon Gruden

The sports world is waiting with bated breath to see what NBA superstar Kawhi Leonard is going to do. While most other star free agents have already made their decisions, Kawhi seems more than okay with taking his time. The Los Angeles Lakers appear to be the favorites, but Kawhi is unpredictable, so it’s impossible to know for sure what he’s going to do. The Lakers are determined to wait for his decision and they have gone all-in on him. The Lakers have missed out on all other top free agents while waiting for him, so if he goes elsewhere, the Lakers will be left scrambling. Predictably, this has left Lakers fans on edge.

Oakland Raiders starting quarterback and huge Lakers fan, Derek Carr, has taken to Twitter to see if he can get an inside scoop.

He first tweeted at ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski asking for an update. Sadly, he got no reply and decided to tweet at LeBron James.

James has still yet to reply to the quarterback. Football is in its offseason, so Carr probably has time to kill and this Kawhi drama could drive the sanest Laker fan crazy. Carr did get a reply from Baltimore Ravens safety Tony Jefferson who seems determined to kill Carr’s dreams.

It is highly unlikely that Jefferson has any kind of inside scoop, but Laker haters are quick to take the wind out of the sails of Laker fans. Despite spending a lot of his formative years in Texas, Carr has always been a Lakers fan and was active in recruiting the aforementioned LeBron James to the purple and gold.

Carr is a life long fan of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. He credited Kobe as the inspiration for his work ethic.

When I was young, I want to follow the most competitive person I could find. And so out of everyone I looked at, I thought that Kobe was the most competitive person out there. That’s why I began read, watch videos, interviews, documentaries, everything. And as I begin to watch him and learn… I watched work on the court and in practice then I would watch him playing the games and it inspired me. It instilled a work ethic in me that my dad taught me. And then watching Kobe showed me how to do it.

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After years of mediocrity, the Lakers are poised to go back to the playoffs very soon. They traded for Anthony Davis and that acquisition should be enough to make the Lakers title contenders. If they add Kawhi, it’s possible that they would have the most talented starting lineup in NBA history. Regardless of if Kawhi comes or not, Carr and Lakers fans should be excited about the future. The whole world relates with Carr right now and hopefully, Kawhi will make his final decision soon.

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