Tyreek Hill Breaks Twitter Silence Over NFL’s Fastest Player Debate

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Tyreek Hill has the reputation of being vocal on Twitter. Recently, that has not been the case. Hill has had bigger issues to work out than posting on social media. The All-Pro receiver was suspended by the Kansas City Chiefs after allegations of child abuse. He has been cleared of criminal charges, however, the NFL still has a decision to make regarding their personal conduct policy. Because of this, Hill has not tweeted since March 11.

So, what made Hill break his Twitter silence that lasted almost four months? It was Chad Johnson’s “40 Yards of Gold” competition. This event was put together to see who is the fastest player in the NFL. Johnson compiled a list of players to participate with the winner receiving a $1 million prize. Hill was left off of the roster due to the fact that he was in the midst of dealing with legal issues.

Tyreek Hill Chimes in on Fastest NFL Player Debate

Free-agent cornerback Charles JamesĀ  II took to Twitter to voice his opinion on who the fastest player in the NFL is. Hill did not agree.

Hill clearly did not agree. Marquise Goodwin topped Donte Jackson by .05 seconds to claim the prize and unofficial title as the league’s fastest player. It just doesn’t seem right to have a speed competition without Hill. Chris Harris Jr. went to Twitter to defend Hill and his speed.

Hill’s future is still up in the air in term of a suspension. When he is on the field, this will be an interesting rivalry to keep an eye on. It is safe to say that Hill might run a little faster in the open field this season than he did in the last.