Bears Star Has Hilarious Reaction to Captain Andrew Luck

Chicago Bears Defense

Getty Chicago Bears Defense. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

The Chicago Bears have a Super Bowl rematch (preseason style) against the Indianapolis Colts Saturday night at Lucas Oil Stadium. Neither the Bears nor the Colts plan to play their starters, so the game shouldn’t feature any marquee players leaving with injuries.

There has already been some pre-game trash-talking of sorts going on, however, courtesy of the Capt. Andrew Luck parody Twitter account–and a certain Chicago Bears defender.

Capt. Andrew Luck and His Twitter Account

Captain Andrew Luck

GettyCaptain Andrew Luck

For those unfamiliar, the Capt. Andrew Luck Twitter account has over half a million followers and gained a good deal of its popularity with Andrew Luck’s resurgence last year. The Washington Post wrote an article about the parody account, which features the Colts quarterback reimagined as a Civil War-era general.

Capt. Andrew Luck’s tweets are always sent in the form of letters home to his mother, and prior to the game against the Bears on Saturday, the parody account was active with a tweet targeting the upcoming game and the incoming team:

Neither Luck nor his backup Jacoby Brissett will be playing in the game against Chicago, and for all intents and purposes, the game doesn’t matter, and yet a member of the Chicago Bears responded to Capt. Luck–in hilarious fashion.

A Chicago Bears Player Responds

Chicago Bears Cornerback Prince Amukamara

GettyChicago Bears Cornerback Prince Amukamara. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Bears starting cornerback Prince Amukamara has been having a good training camp, save for a brief scuffle with wide receiver Javon Wims in which Amukamara never threw any punches.

Amukamara was quick to note that the fight was brief and no longer an issue. “Me and Juice [Wims] are good. We dapped each other up after. We’re mature enough to not let it linger or hold grudges or bring it into the locker room,” he told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Amukamara remains excited about the Bears upcoming season and recently told 670 AM’s The Score that he was particularly fond of the way his head coach Matt Nagy has been resting his key players.

“Love it,” Amukamara said. “You won’t hear any complaints from me. I really, really love this schedule and how coach Nagy is going about things.” Amukamara won’t be playing Saturday and is clearly fine with that, but that doesn’t mean he won’t talk a little smack before the game.

Prince Amukamara Takes to Twitter

Chicago Bears Cornerback Prince Amukamara

GettyChicago Bears Cornerback Prince Amukamara (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The Bears corner took a moment to respond to Capt. Andrew Luck’s tweet and the resulting Tweet was great fun.

“Dearest Capt. Andrew Luck,” the tweet began, “The rumblings are true. Bears are indeed heading your way. Ready your unit, trim your neckbeard, be prepared for a skirmish. Shall you see a cub, do not engage, for that cub is heading for club dub. –Prince.”

Neither Prince Amukamara nor Andrew Luck will take the field Saturday night, which should leave both men ample time to trim their neckbeards before the regular season starts September 5.

The Bears and Colts kick off Saturday night at 7 PM, Eastern Standard Time.

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