Actor Goes on Expletive-Laden Rant at ‘Cleveland Cornball’ Baker Mayfield

Getty Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Baker Mayfield did not make any new friends in the Big Apple following his comments in GQ about New York Giants rookie quarterback Daniel Jones.

Despite later clarifying his comments and saying he was taken out of context, the damage was done. And one of the people taking offense to what Mayfield said was actor and occasional FS1 guest Michael Rapaport, who went off on an expletive-laden rant directed at the Cleveland Browns star QB.

Here’s what the one-time “Friends” actor and podcast host had to say:

“Baker Mayfield, what the f— are you talking about? Keep my quarterback’s name, or my backup quarterback’s name, or my third string quarterback’s name out your mouth dude. I know you’re all hyped up cause you played Fortnite and taught yourself a couple of dance moves. You’re still a Cleveland Brown — I don’t care how much talent you have around you. You were 1-5 on the road last year. You haven’t won any significant football games in your entire career. Talking about how Daniel Jones shouldn’t have been drafted by the New York Giants. What, did he steal your girl at a quarterback camp when you guys were in high school? What kind of sucker s— is that? You disrespecting a rookie quarterback who hasn’t even taken a snap in the NFL. You Cleveland Brown cornball. Keep DJ’s name out your mouth.

“You should be worrying about getting yourself a decent meal while living in Cleveland. Worry about not getting salmonella poisoning going out to a restaurant in Cleveland.”

The full video is below, but warning, it contains some NFSW language.

In the GQ article, Mayfield was supposedly watching a SportsCenter segment when he gave his opinion on Jones being taken with the No. 6 overall pick in this year’s draft.

“I cannot believe the Giants took Daniel Jones. Blows my mind. Some people overthink it. That’s where people go wrong. They forget you’ve gotta win,” Mayfield said in the article. “Either you have a history of winning and being that guy for your team or you don’t.”

Giants Tight End Evan Engram Calls Baker Mayfield’s Criticism a ‘Cry for Attention’

GettyNew York Giants tight end Evan Engram.

The Giants players were asked about Mayfield’s quote on Jones following practice and tight end Evan Engram did not mince words.

“It’s kind of dumb,” Engram told NJ Advance Media of Mayfield’s comments. “There’s two types of people in this world. There’s people who run their mouths and cry for attention and there’s people who put their head down, get to work and get stuff done. That’s everything Daniel’s been doing.”

Jones on the other hand was very civil in his response, taking the high road.

“I think he’s a great player,” Jones said. “He can throw it and I enjoy watching him play.”

Baker Mayfield Attempts to Clarify Comments on Daniel Jones

Eli Manning Daniel Jones

GettyDaniel Jones of the New York Giants speaks with Eli Manning.

Shortly after the story went viral for what Mayfield had said, the Browns QB took to social media to clarify what he said.

“This is not what I said…. just so we’re clear. I also said I was surprised I got drafted number one. Then was talking about the flaws in evaluating QB’s. Where I brought up winning being important. Reporters and media will do anything to come up with a click bait story. Heard nothing but good things and wish nothing but the best for Daniel.”

Unfortunately, the Giants and Browns won’t play this year, unless they meet up in the Super Bowl. However, they are scheduled to meet up in 2020. Who knows — by then maybe Daniel Jones will have taken over for Eli Manning and he can prove Mayfield wrong head-to-head.

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