Charges Dropped Against Man Accused of Blackmailing Chiefs’ Tyrann Mathieu

Tyrann Mathieu Chiefs

Getty Tyrann Mathieu stretches before the Houston Texans Wild Card Round playoff game.

Another bullet has been dodged. Federal prosecutors have decided to drop charges against the man who was accused of blackmailing Kansas City Chiefs‘ new safety Tyrann Mathieu.

Geourvon Sears, a distant relative of Mathieu, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of cutting off his ankle monitor while he was out on bail. Sears was dismissed on Thursday after pleading guilty. He has spent 33 days in prison, but will not be required to go back behind bars.

Sears was charged in May with felony extortion. He threatened to go public with accusations of sexual misconduct if Mathieu did not hand over a significant amount of money, as much as millions of dollars. This all took place via a phone conversation that took place in April. Sears told Mathieu that he needed $1.5 million in his account by the end of that week. Mathieu did not transfer the money, and proceeded to block Sears’ number.

Sears then contacted Mathieu’s close friend and said that he wanted $5 million or he would email TMZ. Court records say that Sears also sent a voice memo saying “I want $1.5 million y Friday or I’m going to kill you all.”

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Mathieu’s History

Cardinals free safety Tyrann Mathieu is 2nd on the team in tackles and interceptions. (Getty)

Mathieu does not have the cleanest history.  The Honey Badger was one of the best college football players while at LSU, with the best nickname. He was a Heisman Trophy finalist in 2011. He was on top of the world and dominating the college game while preparing for the next level.

Mathieu’s progress was hindered when he and three fellow LSU football players were arrested on drug-related charges. His short amount of time in jail was not easy for him.

“I’m sitting in that jail cell thinking, ‘I don’t know if I want to go back out there and face the music,'” Mathieu told Fox Sports Arizona in 2014. “I didn’t know how I was going to commit suicide in the cell, but that was the direction my life was heading.”

Mathieu recalls his cellmates talking him out of suicide by praising him for being a great football player. He was currently recovering from a torn ACL and LCL. Since entering the NFL, Mathieu has been a strong piece of every secondary he has been a part of.

The Arizona Cardinals drafted Mathieu in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Mathieu fell to the third round because of his off the field issues. There is no doubt that he was a top 10 talent on the field. The Cardinals were attracted to the idea of pairing Mathieu with Patrick Peterson.

In his career, Mathieu has 13 career interceptions. He is now a member of the Kansas City Chiefs and is a new man. He started the “Tyrann Mathieu Foundation.” He started this to impact the lives of financially disadvantaged children. Mathieu does this through encouragement, opportunities, and resources to achieve their dreams in Phoenix and New Orleans.

Mathieu is from New Orleans. He has made it clear that he has turned his life around and he is focused on football. In Kansas City, Mathieu will be a big part of a defense that finished near the bottom of the league last season.