Crazy Fan Brawl Breaks out After Eagles vs. Titans Preseason Game

Philadelphia Eagles fans

Getty Philadelphia Eagles fans get a bad reputation, but they are among the tamest in professional sports.

It’s only the preseason, but Philadelphia Eagles fans are already in midseason form. Or something like that. Truth is these three knuckleheads appear to be amateurs because diehard Eagles fans don’t waste their time fighting outside the stadium.

But a knock-down, drag-out brawl did occur Thursday night outside Lincoln Financial Field after the Eagles’ 27-10 preseason loss to the Tennessee Titans. It was a 2-on-1 battle royale for the ages and featured security guards being dragged to the ground and a random appearance by cute white dogs on leashes. The whole incident was as random as it gets and luckily everything was caught on video by a woman named La’Cinda Trotter. Deadspin’s Dan McQuade was the first to chronicle the crazy amazing ruckus.

It’s hard to tell when and how the fight started, but the brawl comes to an amazing crescendo at the five-second mark when a guy wearing a Jeremiah Trotter jersey body slams a man in a white shirt and pile drives him into the concrete. Right after the takedown, a guy wearing a green Carson Wentz jersey joins the fray and the two belligerent fans take turns punching the guy on the ground in the face.

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Then, another man wearing a black Carson Wentz jersey runs over and callously calls the man on the ground a “dumbass” before slapping him square in the face and blatantly stealing his hat. That’s cold. And totally unnecessary. There is also an appearance from a female fan sporting a Darren Sproles jersey at the end. The whole thing is incredible and probably the greatest preseason fight in the history of football.

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According to McQuade’s sources, the scene turned into a riotous spectacle and a vendor was hawking wares for “people watching the fight.” No one could confirm how or why the fight ensued, but it has certainly been making the social media rounds. The comments are both awful and funny at the same time.

Eagles Fans Not Considered Vulgar

In July, the website conducted an informal survey where they tracked how many times certain team’s fanbases used profanity on Reddit. While many expected Eagles fans to rank near the top, they were actually among the least vulgar on the internet. The poll charted the “Average Number of Profane Words per 10 Subscribers of Each Team’s Subreddit” and the results were quite surprising.

Eagles fans were the third-least vulgar at only 4.1 profane words per 10 subscribers, while Jacksonville Jaguars fans were the most vulgar at 11.1. What about the Dallas Cowboys? Their fans were right in the middle at 6.0 profane words per 10 subscribers.

Guess what bad word was the most used by Eagles fans? Think about it … it was “dick.” Nick Foles would be proud.

Here is a glimpse into their methodology for obtaining the results:

We scraped 592,189 comments from Reddit containing any of the following 10 profanities: f–k, s–t, damn, hell, d–k, b—h, crap, a—–e, douche, and bastard. We used PRAW and PSRAW to collect the comments from Reddit’s API. The comments collected were posted between September 7, 2017, and September 6, 2018. Only first- and second-level comments were collected. We ran all the posts through Tableau.

Moral of the story: Eagles fans don’t deserve their bad reputation. In fact, they are among the tamest fan bases in professional sports.