Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma Has His NBA 2k20 Rating Officially Announced

Lakers Kyle Kuzma NBA 2k20 Rating

Getty Kyle Kuzma of the Los Angeles Lakers looks on during the second half against the Boston Celtics.

One of the Lakers’ building blocks heading into next season, fans and the team alike have high hopes for young star Kyle Kuzma. The last remaining young player from a group that consisted of Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Josh Hart, Kuzma’s skillset and attitude seem to be highly valued by the Lakers’ front office.

An extremely talented scorer with deceptive athleticism, Kuzma saw his scoring numbers go up despite his three-point percentage taking a steep dive last season. Especially if he can get his three-point shooting dialed in closer to a league-average clip moving forward, Kuzma could be in for a monster season and see his NBA 2k20 rating climb even higher.

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Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma Has His NBA 2k20 Rating Officially Announced

Clocking in at an 84, the 2k20 developers seem to feel that Kuzma is in line for another step forward this season. While his individual ratings haven’t been released, it is safe to say that Kuzma should see a steady increase across the board – with the exception of possibly in his three-point shooting. While Kuzma has put in some serious work to hone in his deep ball this offseason, there isn’t any game evidence to give actual evidence to the fact that Kuzma has improved in that regard. Especially if he comes out of the gates firing from deep this season, expect those stats to take a steep jump up and for Kuzma’s rating to get even higher.

Kuzma’s rating of 84 sits above a number of other high-profile players taken ahead of him in the 2017 draft. Former teammate Lonzo Ball saw his rating drop down to 79 while the only players to clock in above Kuzma’s 84 are Jayson Tatum (85), De’Aaron Fox (86), and Donovan Mitchell (88). Taken 27th in the draft compared to all the above players who were taken in the lottery, the Lakers struck gold with Kuzma and are able to have one of the game’s most exciting young talents on an extraordinarily team-friendly deal.

Carmelo Anthony a Potential Fit to Round Out Lakers’ Roster

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While he hasn’t played in a game since November of 2018, Carmelo Anthony has been getting some high praise from his peers as a number of players campaign on his behalf for one last shot. Specifically, Melo worked out with Lakers’ young star Kyle Kuzma recently and Kuzma came away from the session with nothing but glowing words to say about Melo – even going as far to say he was still better than the majority of the NBA.

The problem with Melo finding a role has never been his ability to hoop but more his inability to adjust to a role outside of the primary scoring option. With father time catching up to Melo, he is far from the once-dominant scoring threat that he was before. As a result, teams like the Rockets and Thunder preferred him to come off the bench – which Melo obliged to – yet he wasn’t afforded all that much time in order to get comfortable in his new role.

The Lakers have one more roster spot available and while their primary rotation seems mostly set, adding a proven scorer like Melo off the bench could be an interesting fit.