Patrick Mahomes Featured in Commercial After Massive Endorsement Deal [WATCH]

patrick mahomes nfl draft

Getty The Chiefs traded up to select Patrick Mahomes in the 2017 NFL draft.

When it comes to hair in the NFL, one name stands out over all of the others — Troy Polamalu. The former Pittsburgh Steelers safety terrorized opposing offenses for 12 seasons. A Hall of Fame career on the field was paired with a Hall of Fame hair style.

Polamalu became the face of Head & Shoulders during his playing days. He now has a new counterpart in Patrick Mahomes. The Kansas City Chiefs MVP landed a big deal with Head & Shoulders to cap a busy offseason. Mahomes has been on countless talk shows including Jimmy Fallon. He released his own cereal and now he has television.

Mahomes and Polamalu appeared in a commercial together where they debate offense vs. defense.

Offense vs Defense with NFL’s Patrick Mahomes & Troy Polamalu | Head & Shoulders NFLMVP-worthy offense for great hair. Championship-winning defense against a dry, itchy scalp. The scalp-purifying powerful clean of Head & Shoulders gives you a flake-free scalp for great hair. So whether you’re team Mahomes or Team Polamalu, your hair wins either way. Curious about more NFL victories in the hair department? Discover more on our website:…2019-08-20T12:59:54.000Z

 Mahomes Teams Up With Polamalu

A 5,000 yard and 50 touchdown season will put the football world on notice. An MVP award was just the beginning for Mahomes. He has become one of the faces of football and is quickly becoming one of the most marketable players.

Polamalu has a hair style that is hard to top, but Mahomes is doing his best.

“Everyone has their own style. You see it with the uniforms, you see it with how guys go about their business, showing up at games and being on the field. They want to be unique,” Mahomes said in an interview with People. “It wasn’t something I wasn’t going for, but once it grew out, everybody seemed to like it and it kind of became a thing. Now it’s a thing in the NFL and it’s part of who I am.”

Mahomes is speaking on his mohawk hair style that he sports under the red and white helmet on Sundays. He has had quite the impact on the Kansas City area. Many children in the area can be seen walking around with “The Mahomes.”

For Polamalu, hair is not just hair. It is used to teach valuable life lessons.

“I tell my children they have to grow their hair out until they leave. It also teaches you discipline, to slow down and to take care of yourself,” Polamalu told People. “If you have dirty, stinky hair, you don’t take care of your body. If you can really take good care of your hair that means you really know how to take care of yourself.”

The future Hall of Famer has two children, both boys. When hair is such a big part of your life, it makes sense that it is used in parenting situations.

Mahomes joins an exclusive list of famous hair in the NFL. Other players that come to mind are Odell Beckham Jr., Tom Brady, and Clay Matthews. There has been plenty of legendary hair styles in the league, but it all started with Polamalu.

“Troy had the iconic hair, he’d just run around the field and his hair’s just flying around everywhere,” Mahomes said.

Heading into the regular season, Mahomes will look to lead the Chiefs to a Super Bowl. He will get a record setting contract when it is his turn, but he has found ways to get paid on the outside.

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