Browns Coaches Battle Over Public Comments on Officiating

Getty Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens speaks with officials during Week 1.

The Cleveland Browns had a boatload of penalties against the Tennessee Titans in Week 1 — 18 to be exact. However, the NFL confirmed that one of those flags was unwarranted.

Browns offensive coordinator Todd Monken told that a flag on offensive tackle Greg Robinson for a blindside block should not have been called.  Monken said that there wasn’t forcible contact on the play, which is a requirement for the flag.

However, Monken also made the point that if the block was better set up, it wouldn’t have been an issue.

“If we do it technically better,” Monken told reporter Dan Labbe, “then that is not even a factor.”

The flag was one of many, but was one that mattered least, with the Browns scoring just a few plays after the call. It was one of only two scoring drives for Cleveland in the game.

Monken didn’t want to make too big of a deal about the flag and the NFL revealing that it was unwarranted.

“That is neither here nor there,” he said. “That comes every week. I do not even mean it that way. There are multiple ones every week, in our game and other games, where they mention, ‘They should have called this. We will talk to the official.’ That is part of it. They are human. That has nothing to do with us.”

Browns Head Coach Freddie Kitchens Tells Todd Monken to Zip it on Officiating

GettyBrowns head coach Freddie Kitchens rips into Devaroe Lawrence after a personal foul.

Kitchens spoke to the media on Friday and didn’t mince words when asked about what Monken had said about the call.

“I am not going to comment on what we heard back from the officials,” Kitchens said. “Todd needs to learn we are not supposed to talk about that.”

Kitchens commended the zebras, knowing that it’s a tough job.

“Those guys are out there trying to do a good job. I understand that. We should understand that. We understand that after the whistle is blown, we do not need to do extracurricular things,” Kitchens said. “Part of being a smart football team is understanding that. We can’t control things that happen during the course of the play as long as we are using good technique and putting ourselves in good positions to be successful. Those guys do a good job.”

Browns Take Issue With Titans Questioning Team’s Heart

Titans cornerback Malcolm Butler told Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry that Cleveland played with no heart. That’s a statement Kitchens took major issue with, considering he’s preached playing physical and together as one.

“Nobody is going to question our heart. There was nothing about heart with the way that game happened the other day,” Kitchens said. “I do not know who the hell is saying that, but they really do not know. They are not going to question our heart. If they do, they do not know what the hell they are talking about, whoever it is writing it or saying it.”

Landry also had a rebuttal for Butler’s accusation.

“I know the guys that’s in the building, I know the guys I go to work with every day and how hard they work,” Landry said. “It definitely kind of took me by surprise for a second. But at the same time, opponents are willing to say anything, you’ve just got to take it for what it is. Again, in that matter, I know the guys here, I know everybody is going to play under four quarters, 0:00 on the clock and a winner is decided.’’

The Browns are hoping to leave all the sour taste from Week 1 behind them as they head to MetLife Stadium to take on the depleted Jets on Monday Night Football.

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