Dwyane Wade Doesn’t Rule Out Return to NBA; Lakers a Possibility?


Could Dwyane Wade make a return to the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers?

Entering the 2018-19 season, Wade made it clear that it would be his last ride in the NBA. He was celebrated in every city he made a stop in during his farewell tour and he had a rather productive campaign for a 37-year-old, averaging 15.0 points per game on a career-high 33.0 percent from 3-point range while appearing in 72 games.

However, No. 3 could be having second thoughts. According to the Miami Heat great, not only will he work out with LeBron James before Lakers games, he is not ruling out a return to the NBA.

Wade stated during an interview with the Los Angeles Times that he plans to work out at Staples Center and at the Lakers’ training facility in El Segundo. Wade owns a home in suburban Los Angeles.

“You’re definitely going to see me out there,” Wade said. “I’ll be there early to work out with LeBron before the game starts. I just want to stay around it and be as involved as I can.”

Wade didn’t just leave it at that — he created speculation that a return could be on the horizon.

“I’m done, but my trainer is going to keep me in shape just in case something happens,” Wade said while smiling, according to the Times. “I’m going to stay in shape because you never know. Never say never.”

Signing With Lakers Would Be Convenient for Dwyane Wade

Although Wade doesn’t commit to anything near a return, the mere fact that he leaves the door open is big enough news. It just so happens to be that the Lakers are one of the favorites to win the NBA Finals in 2020. It also doesn’t hurt that his best friend and former teammate LeBron James is trying to bring back a championship to Los Angeles before he rides off into the sunset.

The fact that the Lakers already have a stacked core with veterans such as Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard, Danny Green and Rajon Rondo just provide further incentive for Wade to continue his career.

Considering the three-time NBA champion lives nearby and would be in a comfortable setting with a former teammate while playing a reduced role, why wouldn’t Wade want to make a return if he has that itch to continue to play?

Heck, it’s worth mentioning that LeBron James Jr. and Zaire Wade, the two players’ eldest sons, will also share the court together for the Sierra Canyon School basketball team. Sierra Canyon just so happens to be located in Los Angeles.

How perfect is that?

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D-Wade Believes Lakers Are Favorites to Win Championship

While conducting a Q&A session over Twitter, the 16-year NBA veteran made it clear that he believes the NBA champions will come out of Los Angeles in 2020 — meaning it’s between the Lakers or the Clippers.

Many people have been connecting the dots for Carmelo Anthony to sign with the Lakers and finally play with his good friend LeBron. But remember, it’s Wade and LBJ who have always been closer and have actually teamed up together for five seasons of their career.

As Wade made it clear —  never say never.

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