Kerryon Johnson Treats Alabama Kids to Lions Game

Kerryon Johnson

Getty Kerryon Johnson runs the ball against the Chiefs.

Kerryon Johnson makes plenty of big moves on the field running the football for the Detroit Lions, but the young superstar runner continues to impress with his off the field generosity as well.

Sunday, Johnson hosted a group of kids from Alabama at the Lions game against the Kansas City Chiefs. According to his sister Nyla Cosby, Johnson flew the kids to Detroit, put them up in a nice hotel, took them to museums, got them tickets to the Lions game and also purchased them some Lions swag at Ford Field. Then, all Johnson did was proceed to go off for 125 yards on the ground as the group watched. All in a weekend’s work.

Here’s a look at the happy group with Johnson at Ford Field:

Johnson will never be one to brag about what he does in the community, so it’s nice to see his sister taking the time to brag on him a little bit. As Johnson said on Twitter afterward, having the kids around helped keep things in proper perspective as the Lions suffered a tough defeat at the hands of the Chiefs.

Clearly, he was appreciative of the chance to have them in town as he later tweeted after the game:

Though he had a fumble that was returned 100 yards for a score in the game that ended up being a pivotal moment, Johnson truthfully has nothing to be upset about in terms of his own performance and production. Even such, he was facing the music afterward in admirable fashion, not wanting to hear any type of positive affirmations about Detroit’s narrow loss on the field.

“The NFL doesn’t do rankings. Nobody cares at the end of the year if you almost beat the best team. There’s only one team happy and in order to be the happy ones, you have to beat other good teams,” he told the media.

Still, Johnson’s emergence so fast in Detroit has given folks well deserved hope. In 2018 as a rookie, Johnson helped give the Lions their first threat of a consistent ground game since arguably the days of Barry Sanders. Last year was cut short by a frustrating injury late in the season, but Johnson set his offseason sights on getting even better for 2019.

So far, that’s been the case, as early in the season, the running back has run for 251 total yards and a touchdown. After being one of Detroit’s earlier draft picks out of Auburn, Johnson has wasted little time cementing himself as a potential franchise fixture in Detroit. Like Sanders before him, Johnson is also smart enough to know that making a huge impact in the community is just as significant as busting runs and scoring key touchdowns.

This weekend, Johnson gave a group of kids the kind of experience that is priceless, and will be remembered for a long time. Give him full marks for continuing to set a fine example as a role model both on and off the field for the youngsters to follow.

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