Tyrell Williams 40-Yard Dash: Raiders WR is Faster Than Antonio Brown

tyrell williams

Getty Oakland Raiders WR Tyrell Williams.

Tyrell Williams had an impressive debut with the Oakland Raiders against the Denver Broncos. The veteran wide receiver caught six passes for 105 yards and one touchdown. Williams spent the early part of his career with the Los Angeles/San Diego Chargers and was mostly a second option behind Keenan Allen. The Chargers wanted to keep him, but the Raiders offered him a good chunk of money to change teams. Well, it’s looking like that investment may have paid off.

What makes Williams special is his rare combination of size and speed. This makes him the perfect deep threat. Let’s not forget how he also has an impressive set of hands. Standing at 6’4, it would be easy to assume that Williams would lack some speed. However, his 40-yard dash time may surprise you.

Tyrell Williams’ Speed & 40-Yard Dash Time

Tyrell Williams went to a small NCAA Division II school called Western Oregon University. He didn’t get a combine invite and went undrafted before the Chargers signed him. He had to show NFL scouts what he could do at Oregon State’s pro day where he displayed incredible athletism. He ran a 4.42 40-yard dash, which would’ve been impressive even if he wasn’t 6’4.

In the above play, Williams straight-up outruns the much smaller Darian Stewart for a big catch. His explosiveness makes him one of the best deep threats in the league. He averages an impressive 16.4 yards per reception over his career. Considering he’s now the Raiders’ number one receiver, the undrafted wide receiver has had an impressive career to this point.

If Williams would’ve run at the combine in 2015 when he came into the NFL, he would’ve been tied for the seventh-fastest time among wide receivers. Interesting enough, he would’ve tied with former Raider wide receiver, Amari Cooper, who also ran a 4.42. What’s also interesting is that Williams’ teammate on the Raiders, J.J. Nelson, was the fastest wide receiver at that year’s combine as he ran a 4.28 40-yard dash.

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Tyrell Williams Is Faster Than Antonio Brown

With Antonio Brown now in New England, Williams needs to pick up the slack. Based on week 1 versus the Broncos, he should be up for the task. Brown is mostly known for his uncanny ability to improvise and make big plays, but he’s also known for his incredible speed. However, based on Williams’ and Brown’s 40-yard dash times, the former is faster. Like mentioned before, Williams ran a 4.42 when he was heading into the NFL. Brown ran a 4.47 at his combine.

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Now, game speed and track speed are different, but it is interesting that Williams could be considered faster than Brown. Obviously, the Patriots wide receiver is more skilled than Williams and has been way more productive in his career. Speed isn’t the most important trait for a wide receiver, but these numbers are a testament to Williams’ elite athletism. Couple that with his impressive hands and the Raiders could be just fine without Brown.

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