Odell Beckham Reveals Bill Belichick’s Pregame Trash Talk

Getty Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. has some well-documented admiration for the New England Patriots organization.

During the offseason, Beckham made some waves with comments to GQ saying he wanted to make the Cleveland Browns into the “new Patriots.”

“I plan on being there for the next five years and trying to bring as many championships there as possible,” Beckham said, “turning [the Browns] into the new Patriots.”

He later expanded on those comments saying, “Who does not get into this game to be 11-and-5 or 12-and-4 every season, to win their conference, to win the championship, to go to the Super Bowl? What else would you do this for?”

Beckham knows that kind of championship culture starts with a strong leader in a guy like Bill Belichick, a coach the Pro Bowler has massive respect for. He’ll get a chance to shake his hand again before they go head to head on Sunday as OBJ and the Browns head to Foxborough to take on the undefeated Patriots.

Odell Beckham Reveals Hilarious Bill Belichick Tidbit

GettyNew England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

While speaking to reporters, Beckham revealed in the past that Belichick has some good-natured ribbing for him in the pregame.

“Going against Bill Belichick, it’s somebodyI have a lot of much respect for. Probably talk to him before and after the game. He tells me the same thing every time: ‘I hope you enjoy today, because there’s not going to be much for you.'” That’s what he does every single time. He’s going to coach them up and they’re going to be ready and prepared.”

Beckham has only played one regular season game against the Patriots and that came in 2015. He caught four balls for 104 yards and a score.

Odell Beckham Plans to Give Tom Brady ‘GOAT’ Gift


GettyThe Patriots are 7-0 for the first time since 2015.

Beckham will also come bearing gifts for the Patriots, specifically for future Hall of Fame QB Tom Brady.

“I have a pair of cleats for him made out of — I hope no animals were really harmed — but made out of goat hair,” Beckham said, according to Nate Ulrich Beacon Journal. “[I have a pair] for me, too, but I’m gonna give them to him because he’s one of the GOATs, and he’s more the GOAT than I am.”

GOAT, for those not in the know, stands for Greatest of All Time.

Beckham expanded on his admiration for Brady while speaking to reporters on Wednesday.

“Tom Brady’s the GOAT. I know we’ve done some goat cloning … . I think there’s something going on,” Beckham said. “He’s not human to be playing the way he’s still playing. Mentally prepared every single game. Decisive decisions. Knows how to manage a game. Plays offense and defense with the way that he plays. He’s just very smart. He’s the best to ever do it. I don’t think anybody could really argue it. He’s just the greatest. I definitely want some of the water that he’s drinking.”

The Patriots are nearly two touchdown favorites for the Sunday contest against the Browns, who are sitting at 2-4 coming out of their bye week.

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