Lane Johnson Offers Troubling Opinion on ‘Unaccountable’ Eagles

Lane Johnson

Getty Eagles tackle Lane Johnson

Great football teams are more or less devoid of drama. So maybe it’s time to put the Eagles in the category of a bad football team.

That seems to be the purveying though around Philadelphia right now. Hall of Fame analyst Ray Didinger presented that very unpopular opinion on the Eagles’ post-game show late Sunday night. It was a sentiment shared and echoed by some of the guys in the locker room, including Lane Johnson.

The outspoken right tackle admitted that certain players have been showing up late for team meetings and not hustling in practice. He expected a no-holds-barred “call-out” session this week when the team gets back to work.

“Really, it’s gonna probably be a callout session,” Johnson said, via NBC Sports’ John Clark. “Everybody will be held accountable. You know, little stuff that slides during the week — late to practice, late to meetings, late to this and that. Stuff will be held accountable for. I think that will maybe creep into the games.”

Doug Pederson Taking Responsibility for Losing Streak

Doug Pederson was quick to put the onus on himself. It all starts at the top and the head coach believes he can fix it. In fact, Pederson compared the Eagles’ current situation to an experience he had as an assistant coach with Kansas City in 2015. That team started 1-5 before reeling off 10 straight wins.

“I think number one, it starts with me,” Pederson told reporters Monday. “My messaging to the team. And then the leaders of the football team. I think about back then [in Kansas City], the guys that we had in that locker room and keeping it together, and that’s the type of men we have here in this locker room; they are not going to let one game define the season or a couple games define our season.”

“They are going to get better, learn from it,” Pederson continued. “And that’s what we did back then and so we are going to carry that over to this year.”

Donovan McNabb Takes Shot at Lane Johnson

Former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb is a weekly guest analyst on 97.5 The Fanatic every Monday morning where he shares his thoughts on the Eagles. McNabb has been rather guarded with his criticism so far this season, but the kid gloves are now off.

McNabb specifically took issue with Lane Johnson running to the media to tattle on teammates showing up to practice late and missing team meetings. Those things should stay in the locker room. He thinks the Eagles look very much like a “dysfunctional organization.”

“Why we going to the media with that?” McNabb told Marc Farzetta. “Listen, if you going to have a call-out session, have a call-out session. You ain’t got to put that out in the media about people missing meeting or getting to practice late. Now it’s looking like a dysfunctional organization.”

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