Robby Anderson Fuels Trade Speculation with Cryptic Tweet

Getty Images Robby Anderson during his latest matchup two weeks ago.

Where in the world is Robby Anderson? More aptly, where in the world is the NFL’s most marketable deep threat.

The speedy Jets receiver has been garnering interest as a potential trade target leading up to the league’s Oct. 29 trade deadline. Anderson, an undrafted free agent out of Temple University, was recently informed that New York is shopping the young playmaker to the highest bidder.

The asking price? Anywhere between a second- and fourth-round pick appears to be the going rate for a down-the-field threat of Anderson’s caliber. The Eagles need to call ASAP.

On Friday night, Anderson sent the internet into a slight tailspin when he posted the “thinking emoji” and caused football fans everywhere to think a trade was imminent.

The 26-year-old is coming off back-to-back seasons where he combined to catch 113 balls for 1,693 yards and 13 touchdowns. Anderson was clocked at 4.34 speed at the NFL Pro Day, a valuable trait that he showcased a few weeks ago on a 92-yard touchdown from Sam Darnold.

Robby Anderson Headed to the Raiders?

Earlier in the day, the prevailing thought was the Oakland Raiders were the front-runners to land Robby Anderson. The team is still feeling the unexpected loss of Antonio Brown.

The Athletic’s Connor Hughes reported the Raiders had been in talks to land the Jets wide receiver. His caveat was that New York wasn’t just going to give the promising young speedster away for a hug and a handshake.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Raiders might be buyers at the trade deadline instead of sellers as originally thought. It makes sense as the Raiders definitely need as much help as they can get at the wide receiver position.

Tyrell Williams looks like he’s finally getting healthy, but there isn’t much proven talent behind him. Zay Jones has potential, but he’s no more than an above-average No. 3 receiver.

Eagles Should Make Legitimate Offer to Jets

The conventional wisdom has been Robby Anderson won’t be moved before the deadline. He has shown exceptional chemistry with second-year quarterback Sam Darnold and has been one of the few bright spots on a “ghostly” season for the Jets. Darnold hit Anderson for a 92-yard touchdown strike two weeks ago in a 125-yard performance from the receiver.

Anderson stretches the field with his speed and possesses great hands. The duo was among the best in the league late in 2018 when Anderson accumulated 2.53 yards per route.

If there’s any chance the Jets would deal the 26-year-old, Eagles GM Howie Roseman should do it — even if the asking price is a second-rounder. Or offer them Nelson Agholor and a future pick.

Paging Joe Douglas. Remember, the Jets GM was the right-hand man Roseman during his time as scouting director in Philadelphia.

Would he give Roseman a discount? Probably not. But Douglas would sure be more open to negotiating with an executive he knew and trusted over a random suit.