Former NFL QB: Lions Are Best Team in NFC North

Kurt Warner

Getty Kurt Warner speaks in 2019.

The Detroit Lions have a very pedestrian looking record on the early season, but that mark isn’t fooling Kurt Warner in terms of the team’s overall talent and ability thus far in 2019.

Recently, Warner took to Twitter with a particularly timely and important admission. He thinks the Lions might be the best team in the NFC North and might even be a team which should be undefeated on the season, even in spite of the fact of the frustrating way they have lost a few games.

The Lions have had plenty of ups and downs on the early season, but there is no question that they have brought it in terms of looking like a team on the rise. As they continue to be able to put things together, the hope is the Lions will be able to make believers out of those in the media and those on the outside just like Warner.

Finally Some Belief

The Lions have seen some folks step up and take notice of them already this season, but continually, struggle to attract attention on the national level. With soundbites like this, there is proof that is finally changing and victories could be the only sure way to get some of the other dissenters to change their tune.

Detroit has long been a team folks have looked at in more of a comical light, but Warner has watched the team and his words do carry some substantial weight given what he has done in the league as a player to this point in time and also as an analyst.

If the Lions start to play better and then win, they will surely get more people to hop on the bandwagon and realize how good of a team they could be primed to be under Matt Patricia for the future.

What’s Next

With the bye week behind them, after the Lions play against the Vikings, they will have a grueling finish to 2019 in which they will have to keep winning in order to keep their hopes alive. Detroit has trips to Oakland and Denver awaiting them in the second half, as well as two tangles with the rival Chicago Bears. Detroit has to play one more game each against the Packers and the Vikings in contests which could determine who takes home the NFC North crown. Detroit also has battles against NFC East foes in the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins and New York Giants remaining. Two of those will take place at Ford Field.

By virtue of Detroit’s tie, they might have to work a little bit harder in order to make the playoffs, but by virtue of the early season success Warner talks about, they will also be able to be in the conversation most of the rest of the season.

Obviously, the Lions have to string some victories together in order to prove this success was not merely a flash in the pan or fake, and to keep the run of positivity coming in from the national media.

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