Rockets Fan Arrested for Punching Pelicans Coach in Face

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Getty A Houston Rockets fan was arrested for punching a New Orleans Pelicans head coach in the face.

The Houston Rockets may be focused on winning games, but it appears their fans are more concerned with punching coaches in the face.

A Rockets fan who attended the team’s game versus the New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday has been charged and arrested for misdemeanor assault for punching Pelicans assistant coach Jim Boylan in the face.

Yes, you read that right. Not only was the fan arrested, his girlfriend was also arrested for trying to prevent police from arresting the fan who punched Boylan in the face.

Here is the report from the Associated Press.

A Houston Rockets fan is charged with punching a New Orleans Pelicans coach at the end of a game between the teams.

Prosecutors charged Manuel Garcia with misdemeanor assault for allegedly punching Pelicans assistant coach Joe Boylan in the face Saturday. His girlfriend was also arrested for allegedly preventing police from getting to Garcia.

Harris County District Attorney’s Office prosecutor Nathan Beedle says he won’t speculate on a motive but “we will get to the bottom of this and hold them both accountable for their actions.”

There aren’t many details known regarding this situation. Surprisingly enough, we also don’t have video of this incident in the smartphone era.

An Astros Fan Was Arrested for a Similar Incident Recently

The incident doesn’t come long after a Houston Astros fan was arrested for allegedly slapping a New York Yankees fan during the American League Championship Series.

Here’s a report from that incident, courtesy of the Associated Press.

“An Astros fan is facing an assault charge after being accused by authorities of slapping a New York Yankees fan after the two got into an argument at Houston’s Minute Maid Park during the second game of the American League Championship Series.

James Dinkins was arrested on the misdemeanor charge after police say he slapped the Yankees fan in the back of the head after he cheered for the New York team during Sunday night’s game.”

Not a good look for Houston.

Mike D’Antoni Not Worried About Being a Lame Duck

Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni is not worried about being in the last year of his contract.

After failed negotiations throughout the summer, the veteran head coach isn’t worried about it — it’s not going to affect the way that he coaches.

“It’s not going to change the way I coach or how I feel trying to compete,” D’Antoni told USA TODAY Sports. “So then we’ll see next summer with what happens.”

Over the past three seasons, D’Antoni has compiled a 173-73 record with the team. Most notably, he’s led the Rockets deep into the playoffs in each of the past three seasons, including a conference finals appearance in 2018. However, he’s failed to lead Houston to their ultimate goal — an actual title.

Despite his “lame-duck” status, he doesn’t believe his players — a Rockets roster comprised mostly of veterans — is affected by his contract status.

“I got a great group of guys that I don’t think care. They won’t be affected by it,” D’Antoni said. “I won’t be affected by it. So it’s a non-issue.”

The Rockets are currently off to a 2-1 start. As long as they continue to win games, D’Antoni’s contract status won’t be an issue moving forward.