Tom Brady ‘Frustrated’ Over Patriots Releasing Antonio Brown: Report

Tom Brady, Antonio Brown

Getty Tom Brady is apparently "frustrated" over the Patriots' handling of their wide receivers.

Despite the fact the New England Patriots are 7-0, the drama never ends in New England.

The topic of concern as of late has been Tom Brady and his future with the Patriots. The 42-year-old quarterback will be a free agent for the first time in his career after this season and the idea of Brady leaving the Patriots either through retirement or free agency is a realistic one.

Now, we’re learning more details on why Brady might not feel too bad about walking away from the Patriots. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the veteran quarterback is frustrated over the team’s handling of their wide receivers. More notably, the Patriots released Antonio Brown after just one game and will waive Josh Gordon once he recovers from his injury in one-to-two weeks.

Both players had served as the Patriots’ No. 1 receivers during their tenures in New England.

The one word in particular that Rapoport uses in his report that sticks out: frustrated.

Tom Brady ‘Frustrated’ Over Antonio Brown’s Release

Here is a transcript of Rapoport’s report of Brady being frustrated with the Pats’ constant turnover at receiver.

“So Tom Brady has left it open about his future. There’s something going on right now that has Tom Brady frustrated. Not necessarily at anyone, but at the situation. He is frustrated with the turnover at receiver, mainly because he dedicated so much time to Antonio Brown, trying to get him right, trying to get him into the team and then he was released.

And this week, Josh Gordon, Brady has spent so much time personally and professionally trying to help and he was put on injured reserve. His tenure was done. Couple that with the fact that he’s not definitive on his future.”

While the Brown release was understandable considering all of the off-the-field stuff the Pro Bowl wide receiver was involved in, the Gordon one is absolutely surprising. The veteran receiver had stayed out of trouble this season and had proven he was willing to do whatever it took for the team. Heck, he suffered his shoulder injury while making a tackle after an interception thrown by Brady in Week 6 versus the New York Giants.

However, the team elected to place him on short-term injured reserve so they could use his roster spot on somebody else for the past two weeks. In other words, it just seems kind of petty — but Bill Belichick has demonstrated time and time again that it’s his show. Basically, he’ll get rid of you when he wants to.

Brady will have to adapt and adjust to a brand new No. 1 wide receiver with New England trading for former Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu earlier this week.

Bill Belichick Could Be Done With Tom Brady

So that brings us to the main topic at hand — are all of these reports of Brady possibly leaving New England due to being unhappy a media creation or is it a legit possibility?

As was mentioned earlier, this is Belichick’s show — once he no longer finds any use for you or feels like he’s done with you, he will move on from you. As crazy as it may sound, Brady would fit into that category — regardless of the fact he’s the most accomplished quarterback in NFL history.

Belichick had no problem moving on from Brown — the best receiver in the game — or countless other All-Pro players in the past such as Randy Moss, Albert Haynesworth, Chad Ochocinco and Wes Welker.

Heck, he just traded former Pro Bowl defensive end Michael Bennett for a seventh-round pick.

Belichick has a way of devaluing players by valuing his system over any individual entity.

Maybe he’s reached that point with Brady.