Tyrrell Hatton’s Fiance Disturbs Golf Swing With Funny Move [WATCH]

Tyrrell Hatton

Getty Tyrrell Hatton hits a shot at the Italian Open in 2019.

There are distractions on the golf course, and there is what European Tour pro Tyrrell Hatton recently had to deal with.

While playing a hole in the Italian Open, Hatton was lining up to hit a shot when he was distracted mid swing by the slamming of a door on the course. The golfer was able to stop his swing halfway and when he went to look around, it was only then that he noticed his fiance was the one making the ruckus. But how?

By using the toilet of course! Here’s the once-in-a-lifetime exchange:

Quickly, Hatton realized who was making the noise in the middle of his backswing and why, and it was impossible for him to keep his calm. He reacted in the moment humorously, quickly giving his wife to be the business for distracting him while having to do hers.

“You put me off! You should be ashamed!,” Hatton jokes in the video as those around him bust out in stitches with laughter.

Truthfully, the chances of something like this playing out are quite low, even for a tour pro on the course being followed by family and friends. It was certainly not something you see everyday on the golf course.

The Response

Interestingly enough, Hatton managed to keep his cool and nail the next shot close, proving players should always strive to react calmly to course distractions rather than the alternative, even if it isn’t someone close to them making the noise on the course.

Hatton is in contention at the Italian Open in Rome at five under par as a result of being able to keep his head in this instance, which currently is good for a T17 and four shots off the lead of Joachim B. Hanson who is nine under par.

After the round, Hatton was really ready to laugh about the event. When shown the video of how things played out, it felt as if the golfer really couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Clearly, Hatton loved his line about being ashamed the most of all, as it drew the heartiest round of laughter from him.

A Rising Star

Regardless of if Hatton is now known as the guy who was disturbed by his future wife using the restroom, it’s clear that the golfer has some serious talent and a budding career. While he hasn’t played a ton on the PGA Tour, Hatton already has Ryder Cup experience on his plate from 2018, and has had some decent showings in major tournaments during his young career.

Thus far, Hatton has four top 10 finishes in majors to his credit, with his best finishes coming at the U.S. Open in 2018 (T6) and The Open Championship in 2016 (T5). At the PGA Championship, Hatton has a pair of top 10 finishes on his resume thus far, coming in 2016 and 2018. Hatton also finished as a T6 in this year’s Open Championship which was claimed by Shane Lowery of Ireland.

The expectation is Hatton will play consistent golf and continue to be known for something other than his wife slamming a porta potty door in his backswing. But if that’s all Hatton ends up being known for, there are certainly worse things in life.

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