Just In: Clippers’ Injury Report Against the Rockets

Kawhi Leonard and PG

Getty Images Paul George and Kawhi Leonard of the Los Angeles Clippers

Tonight the Los Angeles Clippers host the Houston Rockets for a rematch at 7:30 p.m. The last time both teams played against each other, the Rockets barely beat the Clippers, 102-93. The Clippers were of course missing one of their star players, Paul George who was out due to recovery for surgery in both of his shoulders.

The last time these two teams, met Clippers superstar Kawhi Leonard led the Clippers with 26 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists. This time there is potential that the Rockets will have to guard both Leonard and PG as the injury report for tonight’s game does not list either players. Clippers guard Laundry Shamet is out in tonight’s game due to a high left ankle sprain he suffered against the Toronto Raptors.

Clippers vs. Rockets Recap

The Rockets hosted the Clippers last Wednesday for an exciting match up that led to big numbers put up by James Harden, Clippers head coach Doc Rivers being ejected and a critique on Beverley’s defense by Russell Westbrook.

Harden led the Rockets as he tacked on 47 points, six rebounds, and seven assists. With two minutes remaining in the fourth, the Clippers were trailing the Rockets by two when Beverley fouled out. Harden made both of his free throws and then at the other end of the court, grabbed a rebound and hit a three to edge the Rockets over the Clippers, 95-88. As the game was coming to an end Rivers tried to challenge a call but unfortunately was past the 30 seconds allotted after a play. After being misinformed about not losing his timeout Rivers became infuriated and began yelling at the officials. His son, Austin Rivers who is a member of the Houston Rockets started taunting his dad and threw up “technical” signs to initiate his father’s ejection. Rivers was then called for two technical fouls and was ejected by lead official Tony Brothers.

After the game Rivers made comments about his ejection.

Per Andrew Greif, Clippers writer for the L.A. Times, Rivers said, “the refs screwed up. I made a challenge, they actually said I was right in the challenge but I took over the 30 second time to call it…The officials can’t tell me that I get my timeout back and then have me use it and then tell me after the fact, ‘you don’t have it.”

Westbrook racked up 17 points, two assists and two rebounds for the Rockets. In a post game interview Westbrook was asked about Beverley’s defense to which he replied, ““Pat Bev trick y’all, man, like he playing defense,” Westbrook said after the game. “He don’t guard nobody, man. He just running around, doing nothing.”

Per ESPN, Beverley wanted no part of the drama and told reporters, “Don’t start that, don’t start that. I don’t care about that.”

The Clippers currently post a 10-5 record trailing the Rockets in the Western Conference with a 11-4 record. PG-13 and the Klaw made their season debut together in their last game against the Boston Celtics. Both proved that they would be hard to guard as players tried to double team them, leaving Beverley open to make shots. Clippers earned victory over the Celtics in overtime 107-104. The Rockets can expect to face the same challenges if George and Leonard take the court together again tonight.

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