Lane Johnson Comments on Browns-Steelers Brawl

Lane Johnson

Getty Eagles tackle Lane Johnson

What would happen if a defender attacked Carson Wentz? It probably wouldn’t end well for him.

Following Thursday night’s wild brawl in Cleveland — a fight that ended with Myles Garrett clobbering Mason Rudolph in the head by with his own helmet — the issue of protecting quarterbacks was in the back of everyone’s minds. Obviously Lane Johnson had an opinion on the matter. He always has something to say.

When reporters asked the Eagles starting right tackle — one of the guys tasked with guarding Wentz — about how he would react in a similar situation involving Wentz, Johnson said he would do the same thing Maurkice Pouncey did. The Steelers center rushed to his quarterback’s defense by throwing punches and kicking Garrett.

“I would have probably done the same sh** Pouncey did,” Johnson said. “What are you supposed to do? If you don’t do anything, it’s not going to look good.”

Pouncey was one of the first guys on the pile, fighting for his quarterback’s honor. He was suspended three games without pay for his retaliation, while Garrett has been suspended indefinitely. Rudolph has yet to receive any punishment after instigating the on-field fight. Both the Browns and Steelers got $250,000 fines from the league office, too.

Johnson added that he has been in scary situations where punches were thrown and even hit someone’s helmet. But it was nothing like what transpired Thursday night.

“I’ve hit somebody with my own helmet with it on,” Johnson said. “Never took it off and swung it.”

Lane Johnson Not Apologizing for Patriots Criticism

There has been a ton of back and forth in the Eagles-Patriots rivalry stemming from the Super Bowl.

Two years ago, Lane Johnson wager a war of words by calling New England a “fear-based organization” and Tom Brady a “pretty boy.” The Patriots returned the favor with insults and jabs after they won last year’s Super Bowl.

No one on either side was ready to apologize before the next installment. The Patriots and Eagles play Sunday at 4:25 p.m. in South Philadelphia.

“I have no regrets. No regrets. I don’t care about fans talking to me,” Johnson said, via NFL Network’s Mike Giardi. “None of those guys are coming off the edge or bull rushing me so none of that really concerns me.”

Johnson had upset several Patriots players in 2018 after he attacked their locker-room culture and the mystique of the so-called “Patriot Way.”

“They’re successful, but when they go to interviews, they act like (expletive) robots,” Johnson said. “Hey, stop being a (expletive) head. We can be cordial for a little bit.”