Lions Week 10 Power Rankings: Detroit Tumbles After Tough Loss

Matthew Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford sits dejected during a loss to the Raiders.

The Detroit Lions are now on the outside looking in as it relates to the NFC playoff race, and will have plenty of work to do in order to get back in during the weeks ahead.

Not only are the Lions slipping in the standings with their frustrating season thus far, they are plummeting in the power rankings as well. The same rankings that had the Lions as a dark horse contender a few weeks back now see the team as teetering on the brink of irrelevance for yet another season.

Here’s a look at where the beleaguered Lions sit in the rankings for this week.

ESPN NFL Power Rankings Move Lions Down

This week: 19th

Last week: 16th

Detroit slips back modestly this week and ESPN is talking about scary trends as it relates to NFL teams. When it comes to Detroit, they see nearly 424 yards a game allowed as the biggest glaring problem. Indeed, Detroit’s defense has been miserable this year no matter whether it’s via the run or the pass. The Lions have a big challenge ahead in terms of making sure they can tighten the screws defensively or else as ESPN hints, it’s going to be another unsatisfying finish to a season in Detroit.

NFL Network Power Rankings Move Lions Down

This week: 19th

Last week: 16th

As writer Dan Hanzus says while moving the team backward, the Lions are blowing the chance at staying in the NFC playoff race with losses which are difficult to understand, such as last week’s in Oakland. Hanzus gives credit to the Lions offense for keeping them in games, but admits a miserable defense isn’t doing them any favors whatsoever at this point in time in terms of consistency. Hanzus hints the Lions are also blowing it for Matthew Stafford, which has been a very common opinion in recent weeks which does hold some merit.

Sports Illustrated NFL Power Rankings Move Lions Down

This week: 16th

Last week: 15th

A modest one spot move backward for the Lions here in the mind of Sports Illustrated, who thinks that Matt Patricia needs to step up his game in terms of getting the Lions to make changes defensively. Indeed, Patricia is known as a defensive coach, so it’s possible that a turnaround could be on the horizon. Still, the Lions have to hope that Patricia can be the reason they win some of these close games instead of lose them. Thus far, that hasn’t exactly been the case.

Sporting News NFL Power Rankings Move Lions Down

This week: 18th

Last week: 15th

Vinnie Iyer sends the Lions backward three places this week, and like everyone else, he simply can’t believe the defense is letting down the team’s offense like it is. As he says, the Lions are getting a great year out of Stafford but their defense cannot meet them halfway, which isn’t a great recipe for success during a year.

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