Super Bowl Champion Quarterback Placed on Injured Reserve: Report

John Elway

The Denver Broncos are moving on to Drew Lock as their starting quarterback.

Joe Flacco is officially done for the season.

The Denver Broncos quarterback was officially placed on injured reserve due to a neck injury, effectively ending his 2019 season, according to Benjamin Albright of NFL Network.

Flacco had started the Broncos’ first eight games, leading the team to a 2-6 record. However, he had apparently suffered a neck injury in recent weeks — and the injury didn’t get any better following the team’s 15-13 loss to the Indianapolis Colts in Week 8.

Flacco Blasted Broncos Coaches Prior To Being Placed on IR

It also appeared as if Flacco’s patience with the Broncos had worn thin, as he criticized the team’s late-game, conservative play calling — which led to Denver’s loss.

Here is what the veteran quarterback had to say following the game, via The Denver Post.

“We’re now a 2-6 football team and we’re like afraid to go for it in a two-minute drill, you know? Like, who cares if you give the ball back to the guys with a minute and 40 seconds left. They obviously got the field goal anyway.

“And once again, we’re a 2-6 football team and it just feels like we’re kind of afraid to lose a game. It’s third-and-5 at the end of the game. You know, who cares if they have a timeout there at the end or not. Getting in field goal range isn’t that tough. You’re just putting your defense in these bad situations and I just felt like, ‘What do we have to lose? Why can’t we be aggressive in some of these situations?’ That’s how I felt like in a lot of the game today.”

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network had provided the original report regarding Flacco’s injury as early as Monday earlier this week.

“It is expected to be a long-term thing. The Broncos are still evaluating Joe Flacco’s neck injury, but on the table is injured reserve. That means that Joe Flacco, who the Broncos traded for in the offseason, who has started every game for them, could be out a significant amount of time. Potentially even for the season.

Either way right now preliminarily, they believe it’s going to be a multi-week injury for Joe Flacco. Should miss significant time, which means for the Denver Broncos, they seem to be entering a little bit of a rebuilding mode.

Maybe something where they starting playing the young guys, Brandon Allen starts, Drew Lock is still on IR, could start practicing soon. That would be another person that the Broncos would at least like to take a look at before the season ends.”

The Drew Lock Era Starts In Week 13

With Flacco’s season now over, the Broncos will shift their attention to rookie quarterback Drew Lock. The second-round draft selection is projected to start in Week 13 based upon Albright’s report.

He’ll make his first career start at Mile High against the Los Angeles Chargers.

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