Tom Brady Comments on Officiating Following Win Over Dallas

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The New England Patriots should have no reason to be disappointed following a victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

In less than admirable weather conditions and against a worthy opponent, New England gutted out a 13-9 win for their 21st straight win at Gillette Stadium. But it was a late call from the officials that left Tom Brady furious after the game.

On a 4th down play with five seconds left, Brady attempted to kill the clock by lofting a pass to the corner of the endzone that was well overthrown. The pass took seven seconds to land, but the referees inexplicably stopped the clock with one second left before the ball was even close to landing out of bounds.

Brady was visibly unhappy on the field but his protests fell short of influencing a change of heart. After the game, he had some comments about the situation when asked about it in his postgame press conference.

Take a listen:

The Cowboys ultimately couldn’t pull off a miracle with the one extra second, but it still didn’t stop the Patriots from getting nasty flashbacks to last season’s mishap in Miami.

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Plenty of Calls Went New England’s Way Too

The Patriots were on the receiving end of some pretty important calls during Sunday’s win over Dallas. The Cowboys were flagged twice for tripping, penalties that killed drives gaining momentum in a close game.

New England also got the benefit of a booth review with under two minutes to play that overturned the 4th-down completion to Amari Cooper that effectively ended the game.

There were some decisions that didn’t go the Patriots way, like some pass interference calls that weren’t flagged with Julian Edelman being tugged or tackled on his passing routes.

Tom Brady Really Doesn’t Get Calls?

Tom Brady may have his own personal beef with officials this season, especially the way roughing the passer has been called so strictly. Brady has still yet to be on the receiving end of any roughing the passer calls despite being on the end of some late hits this season.

Now in last year’s AFC Championship game in Kansas City, Tom Brady may have gotten one of the softest roughing the passer calls in NFL history.

Brady has been vocal about his displeasure with the ways some officials are calling games this season. During a September game on Thursday Night Football between Jacksonville and Tennessee, Brady tweeted about the poor refereeing he noticed in the game.

Perhaps he was unhappy with not being given the same protection other quarterbacks have gotten this season for much lighter hits. Brady is tied for the eighth-most roughing the passer calls since 2009 with Russell Wilson.

One problem — Wilson has only been playing since 2012 and is tied for the league-lead this season with five roughing the passer calls going his way. As a future Hall-of-Famer and one of the best players to ever suit up, Brady has a right to be upset with the lack of protection he’s gotten.

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