Tom Brady Takes Jab at Dallas Cowboys Prior to Week 12 Game

Tom Brady

Getty Tom Brady had a little fun at the Dallas Cowboys' expense.

You gotta love it when Tom Brady shows some emotion.

As the New England Patriots prepare for a big-time matchup versus the Dallas Cowboys in Week 12, the six-time Super Bowl champion had a little fun at the expense of America’s Team. That would be because the 42-year-old quarterback claims he has hated the Cowboys “since the womb.”

For those that aren’t familiar with Brady’s background, he’s originally from San Mateo, California and grew up a San Francisco 49ers fan — when they were at the center of a major rivalry with the Cowboys during Brady’s childhood.

Via Andrew Callahan of The Boston Herald:

“I’ve really not liked the Cowboys since coming out of the womb,” Brady cracked Wednesday, referencing his childhood spent in California as a 49ers fan.

Brady started reminiscing of the great Niners-Cowboys rivalry from the 90’s, including star running back Emmitt Smith.

“They’ve actually had a great, winning organization, and have got a lot of great players in their history,” Brady said. “Guys that I, just as a Niner fan, you know — you play the Cowboys and every time they’d hand it to Emmitt Smith, it’d be a 5-yard gain. And you’d pull your hair out.”

During Brady’s lifetime, the two NFC rivals matched up in the NFC Championship Game on four occasions with the Niners emerging victorious in two of them. None of them is more famous than the 1982 NFC Championship Game in which Dwight Clark made “The Catch” to win the Niners the game.

While this game obviously won’t feature the Niners as it’ll see the New England Patriots attempt to move to 10-1 with a victory over the Cowboys in Foxboro, there is one positive to history entering this game — Brady is 4-0 against the Cowboys during his career.

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Bill Belichick Compliments Cowboys Ahead of Big Game

If the Cowboys were looking for bulletin board material from the Patriots, they didn’t find any. That would be because head coach Bill Belichick made sure to give nothing but positive comments regarding Dallas and their players.

He particularly bestowed compliments for the Cowboys’ franchise quarterback, Dak Prescott, via Zachary DuPont of

“He’s super impressive,” Belichick said. “I mean this guy can throw the ball he’s very accurate, he’s got great poise in the pocket. He can extend plays and run it if he has to, but he doesn’t do much of that unless he really needs to.”

Belichick Refuses Questions on Antonio Brown.

As speculation heats up regarding the potential Antonio Brown-to-Patriots reunion, Belichick deflected questions on the matter, stating that it’s up to team owner Robert Kraft on whether or not New England will re-sign Brown.

For those that have forgotten, Brown played one game as a member of the Patriots before being released following Week 2.

Via Dupont:

“You’d have to talk to Robert [Kraft] about that,” Belichick said when asked if he had been keeping an eye on the NFL’s investigation of Brown. “I mean every week you guys ask me about a player who’s not on our team, and so every week it’s going to be the same answer.”

One thing is for certain — if the Patriots’ offense proves to be lackluster for the third consecutive week, you can be assured that the rumors regarding Brown re-signing with the Patriots will just intensify.