Clippers’ Doc Rivers Comments on Ruining Snoop Dogg’s Christmas

Snoop Dogg

Getty Images Rapper Snoop Dogg sits courtside for the Lakers Game

The marquee matchup in the NBA on Christmas day was the battle of L.A. against the Lakers and Clippers. Ultimately, the Lakers failed to outperform the Clippers and lost the battle by five, 111-106. Though the Lakers still boast the best record in the West, 24-7, they are losing the battle of L.A. as they are now 0-2 when playing against the Clips.

One loyal fan that was left particularly disappointed was Snoop Dogg. He took to his social media to rant about how the Lakers ‘ruined his Christmas.’ Clippers head coach caught word of the now viral rant, and commented on what Snoop had to say.

“That’s fantastic. I love Snoop, I don’t love the team he supports, I guess I can say that,” Rivers said.

Snoop’s Rant

After the Lakers took another devastating loss to the Clippers on Christmas day, rapper Snoop Dog ripped into the franchise for ruining his holiday.

“Marcellus Wiley, Clipper Darrell, and Patrick Beverley, y’all some bad m*****f**** I’ll give y’all respect. Patrick Beverley is a straight dog, we [Lakers] need to get rid of some N**** man, said Snoop Dogg. Too many holes on our team, I’m going to say it, and I mean it.”

“M****F**** missing f**** threes at the end of the f***** game. Sorry m****f****!  F****! F**** my Christmas up with this s*** n**** can’t beat the f**** Clippers. Y’all make me sick with this s***,” Snoop Dogg said.

Snoop added more salt to the wound the following morning as he took to Instagram once again.

“F****** Lakers. Make me wake up with a f****** hangover. Y’all better get this s*** fixed. I don’t give a f*** about losing to nobody but the f****** Clippers. I don’t care who we lose to, just stop losing to the f****** Clippers. And you better start making them threes. I ain’t talking to the starters I’m talking to them others on the bench you better start making them f****** threes. Get your a** to the gym right now and go work on your f****** shot so when Bron throws you the mother f***** you make it. Get your a** in the gym. Get your a** up and get in the f****** gym,” Snoop said.

The Lakers have now lost their last four games in a row. LeBron was out during their loss to the Nuggets with a groin injury and in their game against the Clippers, James was kneed by Patrick Beverley which further aggravated his pain. He is now listed as questionable for Saturday’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers, per ABC7. Tip-off is tomorrow at 7 p.m. PST.

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