Lions Lose Two Key Young Defenders vs. Vikings

Jarrad Davis

Getty Jarrad Davis limps off the field vs. Vikings.

Injuries have told the tale of the season so far in 2019, and even though the team has gotten healthier thus far in the last week, things once again took a turn against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday afternoon.

Detroit lost linebacker Jarrad Davis early in the game with what appeared to be an ankle injury. Later, that injury was revealed to be one which kept Davis potentially out of the game for the second half.

In addition to Davis, the Lions lost defensive tackle A’Shawn Robinson during the game to a shoulder injury.

Both player’s returns have been called questionable, and while it didn’t feel as if either would return, Davis surprised many by being able to return to the field of play.

Jarrad Davis Lions’ Stats

Davis always brings it on the field, and that’s something he has done since he played in college with the Florida Gators. Known as one of the best tacklers and leaders in his class, Davis has all the tools to be a fixture in Detroit as he has shown with his aggressive play. He’s going to be a fan favorite for his never say die attitude for years to come.

At times, Davis can be his own worst enemy in terms of the things he does on the field in pursuit and in coverage, but more often than not, his speed and passion is a major advantage for him. This year, Davis has been best at rushing the passer. He’s put up 62 tackles and 2 sacks this season.

Earlier this season, Davis was excited when the Lions started 2-1-1 and looked to be turning over a new leaf, something which he said.

“In a sense we’re kind of like a newly seeded plant in a way. We’re starting to blossom a little bit. We got to keep watering, we got to keep giving ourself that light. We have to keep making sure that we are paying attention to things that are going to help us grow and get better,” Davis told the media a few months back.

Davis was around in 2018 for what became a struggle amid a frustrating 6-10 season on the field, and as he said, it’s been somewhat a shift in mindset and motivation which has led to Detroit’s turnaround on the field early in the 2019 season, as well as cleaning up some of the small details which prevented the Lions from having more overwhelming success.

Davis coming back and playing through pain shows the type of leadership he exhibits.

A’Shawn Robinson’s Lions’ Stats

Robinson has been one of the better resurgent success stories on the Lions in the last few years. He’s got 33 tackles and 1.5 sacks to his credit this year, but has been one of the more durable and consistent players on the team in recent memory up front. He doesn’t get a ton of love for what he does, but Robinson has been very solid in 2019 for certain.

As a whole, Robinson has put up 165 tackles and 5 sacks in his career, and the Lions will have to decide if they want to bring him back this offseason for the future.

The hope is the injury doesn’t seriously hamper Robinson’s ability to sick around this season and make his case.

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