Lions Ranked Amongst NFL’s Worst in Week 14 Power Rankings

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The Detroit Lions are in a major slump and are not doing any sustained winning at all on the field right now, which has led the team to fall backwards huge in the NFL power rankings.

Detroit has lost five games in a row, and now, has slipped from a middle of the pack team to one of the worst in the NFL. As a result, folks are beginning to notice and have moved the Lions back significantly. Instead of being pushed up toward the top as they were early in the season, they have now slipped backward and are now amongst the worst in the league.

Here’s a look at where the Lions stand this week and just how far they have fallen this week.

ESPN NFL Power Rankings Move Lions Down

Last week: 22nd

This week: 23rd

The Lions move back again in the ESPN rankings, and Michael Rothstein says that the folks who are most under fire under the second half of the season are Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia. That makes sense, but the only thing left to see is whether or not the group survive the season. As Rothstein says, they are currently under fire. Only time will tell as to whether that’s the case come the end of the season.

Sports Illustrated NFL Power Rankings Move Lions Down

Last week: 28th

This week: 30th

Detroit moves back significantly in the Sports Illustrated rankings this week, and as they say, the David Blough experiment might work for the team, especially if Kenny Golladay continues to come on. Even such, the Lions are on the verge of a top five selection this coming year in the NFL Draft. Something like that could be handy for the Lions as it relates to trying to rebuild their roster ahead of 2020. Power Rankings Move Lions Down

Last week: 28th

This week: 30th

Another ranking and yet another glimpse of the Lions tumbling down the board in a power ranking. Dan Hanzus moves Detroit back additionally this week and says that at the very least, the team is looking competitive with David Blough at quarterback, and that could provide some intrigue for the Lions down the stretch as they play out the string in the 2019 season, even as they cannot close out games this season.

Sporting News Power Rankings Move Lions Down

Last week: 26th

This week: 28th

Like the other ratings, Vinnie Iyer moves Detroit back a couple of spots and remarks that the team is in poor shape in terms of their defense. That’s been the huge issue more than the quarterback play, which is something that is very telling and the biggest reason the team cannot win this season. As Iyer says, he thinks that Matt Patricia gets another year to try and right the ship. Even if fans don’t like it, that might be close to reality for the near future in Detroit all things considered.

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