Former NFL Star Says He’d Rather Start Josh Allen Over Tom Brady

josh allen tom brady

Getty Josh Allen (left) and Tom Brady.

With the AFC East Division title on the line Saturday when the New England Patriots host the Buffalo Bills at Gillette Stadium.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has become accustomed to big games and moments like this one as New England’s success over the past two decades has become defined by his clutch performances. But on the other side, Josh Allen and an upstart Buffalo team could be the kryptonite Brady and the Patriots’ dynasty have eluded for nearly two decades.

New England’s offense has really struggled this season against top-ranked defense, including a 16-point output against Buffalo back in Week 4. And though the Patriots’ defense has headlined their overall success, they have struggled to contain mobile quarterbacks throughout the season, including Josh Allen.

When it comes to which quarterback some pundits would rather have starting in Saturday’s game, many lean toward Brady based on experience. But former NFL star Pat McAfee feels Allen would be the better choice on Saturday.

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McAfee Has Valid Reasoning for Choosing Josh Allen Over Tom Brady

The former Indianapolis Colts punter knows all too well how tough it can be to play in Foxborough late in the season. But at the same time, he understands what it takes to top Brady and company at Gillette Stadium: a true playmaker. Josh Allen certainly fits that mold, backing up why it might be advantageous to have him starting over Brady.

If you have a quarterback that’s mobile, can make a play when there’s no play to be made, I think that’s the quarterback you would like in this type of holdout game. The Bills feel like this is a game they can win for the first time in a long time in Foxborough, it feels like this team is ready for this moment. They’ve been waiting for this moment when they can potentially make a dent in the AFC East and I think it’s this weekend. This weekend, you’re going to need a quarterback that can move and that’s why I’m taking Josh Allen this weekend, I know I’m going to regret it.

Allen struggled against New England back in Week 4, however, completing 13 of 28 passes for 153 yards with three interceptions. He also rushed for just 26 yards.

Not So Fast on Josh Allen Over Tom Brady

McAfee further explained why, citing Buffalo’s defense outweighing Brady’s ability. New England did struggle to move the ball at times against the Bills early this season. And in recent weeks, that Bills defense has only gotten better, limiting Lamar Jackson and forcing Devlin Hodges into four interceptions last week.

I know I’m going to regret this. But this is going to be a defensive holdout. Unless N’Keal Harry can somehow open up that offense, but even then the Buffalo Bills defense contained Lamar Jackson when nobody else could. That Bills defense is the truth. They have done that to every single quarterback they’ve faced. On the other side, the Patriots defense has led them to being favored in the AFC, but that offense has not done a single thing for the Patriots this season. They have not been the force they have been in the past. The body language from Tom Brady makes me think he’s not 100 percent sure they’re going to be able to figure it out on offense.

The Patriots defense has performed better than Buffalo this season and the offense showed signs of figuring things out last week. It will not be easy for the Patriots on Saturday, but it may be just the performance New England needs to finally get over the hump.

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