Russell Westbrook Taunts Clippers’ Patrick Beverley After his Ejection

Russell Westbrook

Getty Images Russell Westbrook #0 of the Houston Rockets

There seems to always be a heated exchange when the Houston Rockets play against the Los Angeles Clippers, and it’s almost never a friendly exchange between Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley. In last night’s thriller game between the Rockets and Clippers, Houston earned victory on the road, 122-117.

The Rockets’ win didn’t come without a fight though. With about three minutes left of play the Clippers trailed the Rockets by only three points, 116-113. Beverley who already had five fouls, was guarding P.J. Tucker as he was taking the ball down the court. Beverley was overly aggressive and reached in at an attempt to steal the ball. The officials called a foul which resulted in an angry Beverley. Beverley who could not keep his composure was T’d up and was seen being escorted off of the court.

Russell Westbrook who doesn’t have a good history with Beverley was seen waving at Beverley as he was being escorted out while yelling, “where are you now?”

James Harden immediately rushed towards Westbrook and began to push him while telling him to ‘use his head.’ It wasn’t long after, that Russ also received a technical.

After the heated exchange between Beverley and Westbrook, a reporter asked Russ in a post-game interview if he regretted his actions.

“Why would I wish I didn’t do that,” Westbrook replied per Bleacher Report. “What else is new (referring to his technical)?.”

Clippers’ Heated Exchanges

Beverley wasn’t the only player to be ejected from last night’s game as Lou Williams also lost his composure. With a little over 11 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, Williams was guarding Westbrook and picked the ball from below causing him to uncontrollably lob the ball into the air. The play was clearly all ball but the officials thought different and called a foul.

Williams was not happy about the call and immediately became frustrated as he jumped into the air and began to yell. At one point he was yelling in the refs face, to which Clippers’ head coach Doc Rivers had to take charge and pull on his jersey to keep him back. Williams was then ejected from the game.

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Per Clippers Nation Williams commented on his ejection.

“Respect wasn’t being reciprocated,” Williams said.

Rivers also commented on the heated exchange.

“I thought [the ref] gave us every chance to get Lou away. Lou got heated, and didn’t turn away… We cannot get techs in the fourth quarter. Even if Lou’s right or wrong, that’s the time to be the bigger man,” Rivers said per Farbod Esnaashari of Forbes.

Though the Clippers always have intense games when they play the Rockets, Clippers’ superstar Paul George does not think that that’s enough to consider the two team rivals.

“We ain’t won a chip. Houston hasn’t won it forever. I think it’s got to be a little bit more to be a rivalry,” George said per Clippers Nation.

The Clippers will have to pick it up in their next game as they are now back on the road tomorrow night against the San Antonio Spurs at 5:30 p.m. PST.