Adam Schefter Makes Bold Prediction About Tom Brady’s Future

Tom Brady

Getty Images The 2020 season would mark Tom Brady's 21st year in the NFL.

An offseason filled with speculation about where New England Patriots‘ quarterback Tom Brady will play next season is unfolding as one might imagine. From reports of his contract to his supporting cast and even potential landing spots, nothing has been decided in this saga that is set to carry on for several weeks.

For Brady, it appears that as he continues to climb in age he is looking to do what is best for him and his family. Whether that means staying another couple years in New England or finding a new team to finish out his legendary career with, that’s still unknown at this point.

But for ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who appeared on Boston radio station WEEI on Friday morning, he believes Brady’s next destination won’t be so cut and dry.

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Don’t Believe the Speculation

Schefter is looking at Brady’s situation similar to the way Peyton Manning’s ordeal unfolded back in 2012. Throughout the circus offseason for Manning, there was constant guessing as to where he might end up and media acting like paparazzi trying to get a scoop on where he might go.

In the end, Manning decided on Denver, a destination no one saw coming. And for Schefter, if Brady doesn’t end up with the Patriots then his next destination may be a true shock. Via WEEI:

I go back to the closest situation we’ve had to this which was Peyton Manning. When we were initially speculating on teams for Peyton Manning, nobody was talking about the Denver Broncos. They were talking about the Miami Dolphins, the Washington Redskins, various other teams. I remember we did a ranking on ESPN as the Super Bowl was unfolding of the four places he would most likely land and none of them were right. There are just places that turn up and you think ‘I didn’t see this team coming in.’ And I believe that this will happen again. I believe there will be teams that really have not been at the forefront of the speculation, which is what this is, that will emerge and all of a sudden be potential landing spots for Tom Brady.

Guessing Game?

So far this offseason, Brady has been linked to a couple of teams outside New England. Among those are the Los Angeles Chargers, Tennessee Titans, and Miami Dolphins to name a few.

But ultimately, he may wind up with neither of those teams and in a completely new franchise that nobody predicted would be possible. As Schefter continued to speak on Friday, he detailed that Brady’s decision is as much personal as professional:

“Where is his family going to be happy, where is the TB12 brand going to grow, where does my family want to live, and what team has the type of supporting cast I feel I can compete with?”

The team that checks all the boxes will wind up signing Brady for the swansong of his legendary career.

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