Antonio Brown Keeps Teasing Potential Fight Against YouTuber

Antonio Brown

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Football player Antonio Brown went from being too big a problem for the New England Patriots to potentially being the same thing for YouTuber Logan Paul.

But it appears Brown would be making trouble for Paul inside a boxing ring. The potential boxing bout would pit the former NFL All-Pro wide receiver Brown against the celebrity personality turned 0-1 professional boxer Paul in a fight unlike any other.

Fight of the century? Probably not, but this one might end up happening anyway.

Watch Brown Hitting The Mitts,

Brown teased the possibility of Brown vs. Logan Paul celebrity megafight via social Tuesday when he posted a video of himself training. That video was then captured and redistributed on Twitter by the official account of over-the-top sports global streaming network DAZN.

DAZN Showcased  KSI vs. Logan Paul  Rematch

After HBO got out of the boxing business in 2018, DAZN grew to become one of the bedrocks of professional boxing programming in the U.S. and across the world. Some of the sport’s biggest superstars fight exclusively on DAZN, including Canelo Alvarez, Anthony Joshua and Gennadiy Golovkin.

But DAZN also recently started featuring boxing matches between celebrities on the network. Logan Paul lost via split decision to fellow YouTuber KSI in their rematch in November 2018. Meanwhile, Paul’s younger brother Jake, also a popular YouTuber, is set to appear in his own boxing match on the network later this month against AnEsonGib.

So yes, celebrities fighting each other in boxing matches could actually become a major thing over the next few years, and it basically already is a thing on DAZN.

Is Brown’s Interest in Boxing Paul Geniune?

Judging by his recent posts on social media, Brown seems interested in fighting Paul.

Earlier this month, the 31-year-old free agent suddenly tweeted directly to Paul saying that the 24-year-old should “square up”. That seemed like a challenge, so the YouTuber composed a stunning comeback in response.

Now Brown appears to be actually training for the fight, which might not have been taken all that seriously without Paul having just participated in two celebrity boxing matches against KSI that started with similar online shenanigans.

The first Logan Paul vs. KSI fight was a draw, took place in August 2018 and was streamed live on YouTube pay-per-view. After the massive PPV buy rate proved there might be way more money up for grabs in such an event than ever considered, boxing promoter Eddie Hearn swooped in to offer the services of his company, Matchroom Boxing, for the rematch.

Matchroom Boxing is one of the biggest boxing promoters in the world. Most notably, the company promotes current unified heavyweight champion and UK star Anthony Joshua.

So Hearn promoted the KSI vs. Logan Paul rematch. The fight was streamed live on DAZN, and it’s something Hearn said he was open to doing more of in the future.

Brown Didn’t Have a Great 2019

Professionally speaking, Brown didn’t have a great 2019. He wasn’t on an active roster for most of the 2019 season, and he was only active for one game during his short stint with the New England Patriots. Brown was released from the Patriots after he was accused of sexually assaulting a trainer. His lawyers have denied all allegations stemming from the lawsuit, but he hasn’t been signed by another team. Prior to that debacle, Brown was released by the Oakland Raiders during the preseason after a confrontation with the team’s general manager went public.

Amid his various professional difficulties, Brown has also repeatedly stirred up controversies through his various social media accounts.

Additionally, the football star recently did an interview with Complex in which he stated that people who were taking his posts too seriously were just missing the point. He was just entertaining his fans.

But the potential Logan Paul fight? Totally real.

“Yeah, if he really want to do it,” said Brown. “He was calling me out for a couple of months, said he wanted to fight me. That he’s down to fight. So if old Logan want to come, see if he wants to get a little rumble on.”

But Brown said it was also just a bit of fun. He doesn’t have any beef with Paul and actually considers himself a fan.

Still, while it’s entirely possible everything Brown does and says regarding the potential boxing match against Paul is just him having a bit of fun as he waits for his next chance to catch passes in the NFL, recent history suggests Antonio Brown vs. Logan Paul might actually turn out to be a thing.

And judging by the training video he posted, it might not be a bad scrap.

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