Bears WR Allen Robinson Rips Fan Who Criticizes His Play on Twitter: LOOK

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Getty Allen Robinson of the Chicago Bears went off on Twitter. (Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images)

The Chicago Bears may not have played well this season, but the team’s top wide receiver, Allen Robinson, certainly did. Robinson was the lone bright spot on an offense that finished the year as the fourth-worst statistically in the league.

Robinson made several spectacular grabs this season, and he had the second-best season of his career, catching 98 passes for 1,147 yards and seven touchdowns. Many fans and media analysts alike were flummoxed when he did not receive a Pro Bowl nod, but Robinson took his snub in stride, saying that while he knows he made plays this season, missing the Pro Bowl was “not something I’m going to lose sleep over or anything.”

Robinson did, however, take the time late Thursday night to destroy a fan on Twitter who wrote a 15-post thread breaking down Robinson’s “lowlights” this season.

Allen Robinson to Fan on Twitter: ‘Stick to Your Day Job’

I won’t include the entire 15-post thread here, but the gist of it suggested Robinson gave “bad effort” and “poor leadership” this season. The thread contained an attempted film breakdown of a few plays from the season that were apparently designated to support the fan’s opinion that Robinson’s effort as a wide receiver was subpar.

It didn’t take long for Robinson to see the thread — or to respond to it. At first, A-Rob kept it simple. “Lol stick to your day job man,” he responded initially. He then followed with: “You don’t know football as well as you think … really at all.”

When the fan who wrote the thread then responded to Robinson, telling the wide receiver to “go ahead and correct me so I can learn,” before noting he was waiting for Robinson “to explain how he’s coached to walk back to the huddle with his head down while his teammates are still playing” before adding: “Guessing he got triggered and takes critique poorly,” a major back-and-forth between the two began.

Allen Robinson Owns Fan on Twitter, Provides Analysis

Robinson then sent a slew of responses at the fan/would-be analyst, beginning by saying: “Got triggered by what (sic) lol I have a life I don’t just hide behind a cartoon avi on Twitter all day.”

But the fan/analyst — we’ll just call him the fanalyst — wasn’t done. He then insinuated Robinson must not respond well to feed back. “I don’t think you get to a high level by having ppl tell you what you want to hear. Clearly someone is doing that for you and these videos lol.”

Robinson then challenged the fanalyst, responding to a video in the thread, saying: “I wanna hear you break this screen down.”

When he did not get an immediate response, Robinson decided to go all Deshaun Watson and break the play down for everyone himself.

This all had a happy ending, however. Robinson concluded his back-and-forth by responding to a different fan who let the WR1 know that he was still beloved in the eyes of most Bears fans. “I have mad love for the chi,” A-Rob replied.

Robinson is entering the final year of his three-year, $42 million contract with the Bears, and many feel the team will make the move to extend him this offseason.

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