Bears’ Kyle Long Shades President Trump, Brutally Destroys Troll on Twitter

Chicago Bears guard Kyle Long Jets

Getty Former Chicago Bears guard Kyle Long is reportedly being wooed by the Jets.

Chicago Bears guard Kyle Long has spent the bulk of his 2019 season recovering from a hip injury he sustained early on. The team put him on injured reserve October 14, after their Week 5 loss to the Oakland Raiders, and Long has not played since.

Long went through a bit of a social media hibernation even prior to that, taking a break from the incessant comments, musings and questions swirling about the Twitter-verse in late September. He returned to Twitter on Thanksgiving with a heartfelt message to fans, however. Noting that he was home with his family for the “first time in a long time” on the holiday, Long also mentioned he “had a few glasses of wine. Lots of smiles and laughs” before wishing “this feeling unto everyone” in his timeline.

It was a jovial message that those who follow him have come to expect, and since Thanksgiving, Long has been quite active on Twitter. Whether it’s been contributing to pop culture conversations, live-Tweeting during games, or interacting with fans, Long has had something (usually entertaining) to say.

He has also taken down multiple Twitter trolls who have come at him with erroneous information — while also throwing some shade at President Donald Trump.

Kyle Long Throws Shade at Donald Trump

Long retweeted a factoid thrown out into the Twitter-verse by sports business reporter Darren Rovell, noting that since September 2019, 47 of the top 50 most-watched American television programs have been NFL telecasts. Long then referenced President Donald Trump, who has previously spoken ill of the NFL, saying: “I remember when DJT said we were done.”

President Trump has voiced his displeasure with the NFL on multiple occasions, and he has often spoke about how the league is failing, even offering his business expertise on how to make the NFL thrive again. Then, when a fan chastised Long for kneeling, Long clapped back — because that never happened.

Long Owns Twitter Trolls, Slams ‘False Narrative’

One fan decided to call Long out for kneeling back in 2016 and 2017. “I remember when y’all used to kneel and now stopped,” the fan wrote. Long’s response was swift and devastating: “I remember that false narrative. I have never knelt during the anthem … nor has anyone that I’ve played with. Gold bless u bro! Get some booty or some friends in 2020 please!”

Long did not stop there. “False narrative?” Someone tweeted at him. “A story that wasn’t true,” Long deadpanned in response.

Long also took time to gently remind one Twitter user not to throw grammar stones. When someone suggested Trump was not “to bright,” Long pointed out the grammatical contradiction:

Long’s status with the Bears after his injury this season remains unknown, but he seems to be in high spirits. And his takedowns are still pretty solid.

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