Veteran QB ‘Seriously Considering Retirement,’ Says NFL Analyst

Drew Brees

Getty The Saints quarterback could realistically retire.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has yet to make an official decision on his return for the 2020 season. But a new report from Mike Florio of NBC Sports indicates that the veteran QB is seriously considering retirement.

According to Florio, Brees is “seriously considering retirement.” The 41-year-old quarterback just completed his 13th Pro Bowl campaign and a season in which he led the Saints to their third consecutive playoff appearance.

However, the Saints had yet another disappointing playoff exit and Brees has gone on record as saying that he’ll take at least a month before he comes to a final decision.

“Saints quarterback Drew Brees will return to the team for a 15th season or retire. Whatever he ultimately does, this isn’t an effort to generate attention or spark discussion. Brees, unlike plenty of other quarterbacks who from time to time have talked openly about retirement with no real intention of ever doing so, is and will be genuinely and seriously considering retirement.”

Saints Want Brees Back For Transition Year

As Florio goes into more detail, he starts discussing the Saints’ future. While New Orleans clearly wants Brees back, that doesn’t meant they want him as their starting quarterback past the 2020 season. According to Florio, they want Brees back for a transition year in 2020. That would be because they plan on making Taysom Hill their starting quarterback for the 2021 season.

“As one source explained it to PFT, the Saints wants Brees back for what would essentially become a transition year, from Brees to Taysom Hill with Hill becoming the starter in 2021. Even if Brees comes back, Hill will be used much more extensively as part of the team’s offense in 2020 — especially in light of some private regret that, if Hill had been utilized just a little bit more in the wild-card loss to the Vikings, the Saints quite likely would have won the game.”

Hill is an intriguing dual-threat quarterback who has been a focal point of the Saints as a versatile weapon. Not only can he throw, he can run and catch the ball. This past season alone, Hill ran for 156 yards on 5.8 yards per carry and caught 19 balls for 234 yards and six touchdowns.

However, he will be a restricted free agent which means the Saints might need to deal with competing teams who are vying for Hill’s services. In other words, he would be available to be signed to an offer sheet with a first-round draft pick that could be used as compensation.

Saints Want Hill As Their Future

“Brees has said he’ll take a month or so to make a decision, and it should surprise no one if Brees decides to walk away. Whatever he does, the Saints will need a plan for keeping Hill, a restricted free agent who could generate plenty of interest if available to be signed to an offer sheet, even with a first-round pick as compensation.”

The Saints also have Teddy Bridgewater, who will also be a free agent this offseason. Bridgewater led the Saints to a 5-0 record when Brees was injured.

Brees’ decision will obviously dictate how the Saints proceed with their quarterbacks — they’re unlikely to keep all three — but one thing is for certain — the veteran quarterback could walk away this offseason.


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