Terrell Owens Threatens to Reveal Incriminating Info about Donovan McNabb

Terrell Owens

Getty Terrell Owens

Donovan McNabb fired the first shots across the bow. And Terrell Owens has unloaded the big cannons in response.

Buckle up, Eagles fans, it’s getting interesting in the wildly entertaining 15-year-old feud that won’t go away. Guess what? It’s time everyone learned the truth between the breakup that could have set up Philadelphia for a football dynasty in 2005.

On Wednesday, McNabb shared some revealing comments with something called Master Tes on YouTube about what forced him and Owens to cease co-existing in Philadelphia. He didn’t pull any punches.

“I thought that was the major distraction for us,” McNabb said. “He’s doing sit-ups, he’s doing push-ups, he’s playing basketball, he’s ordering pizza for the people out there, and we’re sitting there in training camp just like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’ …

“This is like “Days Of Our Lives.” It’s unbelievable. But that was something that kind of broke us up.”

The Eagles went from Super Bowl contenders in 2004 to a drama-filled mess the following season, one that ended in a bitter divorce.

Owens left Philadelphia in 2005 and the Eagles never fully recovered. The two retired players have been at odds for years and neither one ever hoisted the Lombardi Trophy.

Terrell Owens Offers Up Dirt on Former Eagles Quarterback

Terrell Owens heard Donovan McNabb’s inflammatory remarks and responded in turn.

It took Owens a few hours of reflection before he chimed in but then it was on. The former Eagles receiver — and 2018 Pro Football Hall-of-Fame inductee — made it clear that he wasn’t the problem in Philadelphia. Remember, Owens was arguably the MVP of Super Bowl XXXIX.

On Wednesday, Owens took to Twitter to get a few things off his chest in response to McNabb’s trash talk. It wasn’t pretty.

Owens wasn’t finished. No, he was just getting warmed up.

Nothing was off limits. Not even DUIs.

He even had jokes about Chunky Soup.

And Lenny Dykstra and Freddie Mitchell got in on the fun. Why not?

The reason for the Owens-McNabb has largely been attributed to the former Eagles receiver. That may have been a fabrication of a pro-McNabb media. Until now. Stay tuned.

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