Aaron Rodgers Reveals Strong Thoughts Against Christianity

Aaron Rodgers Religious Beliefs

Getty Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is fresh off a conference championship defeat at the hands of the Super Bowl-bound San Francisco 49ers. Yet, despite Rodgers, a likely future Hall of Famer, once again falling short of the NFL’s grand prize, it’s not his play, but rather recent comments that have caught headlines.

Aaron Rodgers Takes Strong Stance Against Christianity in Interview

Rodgers sat down with girlfriend Danica Patrick for an interview on her Pretty Intense podcast recently, discussing a number of subjects. However, it’s Rodgers’ comments about Christianity and his lack of belief in the religion that has drawn eyes.

Here’s what Rodgers had to say about the religion, and his viewpoint on Christianity and God as a whole.

“I don’t know how you can believe in a God who wants to condemn most of the planet to a fiery hell.” Rodgers continued, “What type of loving, sensitive, omnipresent, omnipotent being wants to condem his beatiful creation to a fiery hell at the end of all this.”

You can watch the interview in full via Patrick’s YouTube Channel and check out Rodgers’ noteworthy comment below at the 4:14 mark.

Born in Chico, California, Rodgers was raised in a devout Christian family under his parents Darla and Edward. In the interview, Rodgers claims he accepted Christ at a very young age. He would readily frequent church on Sundays, always looking forward to making it back home to catch the second slate of NFL games. It was during his time attending Church that Rodgers says he began to question his faith.

Rodgers elaborated on this turning point in an interview back in 2017 with ESPN the Magazine.

“I remember asking a question as a young person about somebody in a remote rainforest because the words that I got were: ‘If you don’t confess your sins, then you’re going to hell.’ and I said, ‘What about the people who don’t have a Bible readily accessible?”

“I think in people’s lives who grew up in some sort of organized religion, there really comes a time when you start to question things more.”

  1. Rodgers Not the First NFL Star to Address Their Faith

  2. Aside from Rodgers, former Houston Texans All-Pro running back Arian Foster is likely the most notable NFL star to voice their beliefs on faith, as ESPN detailed.
  3. “Everybody always says the same thing, you have to have faith,” Foster commented in an interview with ESPN back in 2015. “That’s my whole thing, faith isn’t enough for me. For people who are struggling with that, they’re nervous about telling their families or afraid of the backlash … man, don’t be afraid to be you. I was, for years.”

  4. Foster’s religious beliefs have been well documented throughout the years, as he even got into a heated Twitter spat with former MLB great Curt Schilling about the Bible back in 2017.

Rodgers and Foster are also joined by another NFL player, a current one at that. Miami Dolphins quarterback Josh Rosen. Rosen’s religious beliefs caught many eyes back in his high school days when he attended a Catholic High School despite the quarterback himself professing his non-belief in God, as Fox Sports detailed.

Former punter Chris Kluwe and the late great Pat Tillman are/were also believed to have similar beliefs.

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