Mark Ingram Explains How Ravens Can Make 2021 Super Bowl

Mark Ingram

Getty Mark Ingram on the sidelines during Ravens vs. Titans.

Mark Ingram signed with the Baltimore Ravens with the hopes of winning a Super Bowl, and while that didn’t play out in 2019, the hope is that can happen in the future it can.

Like most, Ingram lamented the mistakes that were made and explained what the Ravens have to do in order to get back to winning when it counts the most. He joined the NFL Network at the Super Bowl and provided some explanations.

“When you get to the playoffs, all those mistakes you have are magnified,” Ingram said. “You can point to a number of plays in that game that we didn’t have success on that the Titans were able to capitalize on. There’s always three to four game changing plays in a game, so you have to be on your stuff every single second.”

The Ravens, as it turns out, weren’t ready for the big moment, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen in the future, especially as the team learns how to win.

“If you make a mistake in the playoffs, it can cost you dearly. We have each other’s back, we believe in each other, we’re going to go right back to the drawing board, get back to work and impress everyone next season,” he said.

Ingram said the path to getting this done is quite easy to define. It revolves around hard work and motivation.

“We just got to go back to the drawing board. Every single year you have to find a way to elevate and improve,” he said. “We believe in each other. We’re going to add some key pieces, we’re going to bring back our pieces we need. We’re going to get stronger. We’re going to get bigger, stronger, faster. Execute our offense, our defense better. We’re just going to believe in each other.”

Count on Ingram having the Ravens ready for next season.

Lamar Jackson, John Harbaugh Ready in 2020

During the 2020 Pro Bowl in which the Ravens made quite a splash, some video surfaced with the duo mic’d up. It’s clear they are already focusing on what they can do in 2020 to make sure that this coming year is even better than 2019 was on the field.

Here’s a look at a candid moment which tells a lot about the mentality of a pair of great competitors who had their hearts broken earlier this month, yet are refusing to worry about it.

“I’m excited about the next three months,” Harbaugh says. “New beginning,” Jackson interjects. “Exactly, go to work, start from the beginning,” Harbaugh replies. “Can’t dwell on last year no more, it’s over,” Jackson says. “Right. How good can we get before we come back. Draft, scheme, individual players improving, everything,” Harbaugh finishes.

Obviously, it’s all systems go for 2020 as it relates to this duo on the field. Safe to say seeing the Ravens react in this way should fire up plenty of their fans, as there is no talk about what happened in the playoffs or getting better off of that loss.

Mark Ingram Ravens’ Top Free Agent Signing

Looking for an under the radar move that paid off in a big way for a team from last March? Look no further than Ingram, who left New Orleans and didn’t generate much interest elsewhere in the league. He eventually signed with the Ravens and the return on investment has been great for Baltimore. This season, Ingram went for 1,018 yards and 10 touchdowns, and has been a key cog in the rushing attack for the Ravens to grind out yardage.

Most might have figured Ingram was the component of his offense in New Orleans, but it’s clear he’s as good as they come at running back and also a phenomenal leader. Ingram and his leadership have been second to none.

To that end, he was one of the true steals of free agency.

Ravens 2020 Opponents Revealed

Next season is already on the horizon, and a look at what the Baltimore schedule looks like for 2020 has already been revealed. Here’s a quick glance at the breakdown for the Ravens:

In addition to their usual games against the rivals of the AFC North, the Ravens will play against the NFC East and AFC South. The difficulty will be a first place schedule as a result of how Baltimore finished in 2019.

Obviously, the Ravens will have to win big in order to match what they were able to do during this past regular season, but given how things ended in the playoffs, it’s fair to say most people will only care about getting to the playoffs and what happens there moving forward.

Stay tuned for the 2020 schedule reveal for Baltimore later on in April.

Ravens Already High in 2021 Super Bowl Odds

A look at some very early odds was revealed by Caesars on this past week, and perhaps surprisingly, the Ravens were high on the list in spite of their frustrating finish to 2020. As a whole, the Ravens have the second best odds to take home the Lombardi Trophy at 7-1 a year from now.

Here’s a look at some of the early odds for next season:

At this point, of course, very little of this matters considering the current Super Bowl hasn’t even been decided, the offseason hasn’t taken place and neither has the draft. Little is known about what shape teams will take moving forward and what will play out next year in terms of injuries or other pitfalls that take place.

For now, though, Las Vegas isn’t exactly betting on the stench of failure hanging over the Ravens for very long. That’s true regardless of the difficulty of the schedule they will play.

Perhaps that’s a good idea given how motivated the team looks to be heading into next season already.

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