Pete Carroll’s Gum: What Kind Does Seahawks Coach Chew?

Russell Wilson Trade Rumors

Getty The Russell Wilson trade rumors are not going anywhere.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is a prolific gum chewer causing many fans to wonder what brand is his preference. John Boyle of provided a detailed breakdown of Carroll’s gum-chewing noting the head coach prefers Bubble Yum and goes through about 15 pieces each gameday.

Strangely enough, this is at least the third time I’ve been asked about Coach Carroll’s gum in a mailbag, and the second time someone named Holli has asked about it. Unless he has changed things up recently, Carroll likes to chew Bubble Yum during games, going through approximately 15 pieces on gameday, give or take a few pieces.

A typical pack of Bubble Yum has five pieces meaning Carroll goes through about three packs during each gameday. Former Seahawks statistician Todd Nielson noted to USA Today that Carroll prefers the original flavor of Bubble Yum.

I spoke with former Seahawks statistician Todd Nielson, who revealed that Carroll’s favorite gum is . . . Original Bubble Yum.

“That five pack,” Nielson further explained.

Russell Wilson Dressed Up as Pete Carroll for Halloween in 2017

Russell Wilson dressed up as Carroll for Halloween in 2017 and made sure to include gum as part of his ensemble. Wilson nailed Carroll’s look with a grey wig, headset, blue long-sleeved Seahawks shirt and khakis. Wilson even wore Carroll’s preference of “dad shoes” the Nike Air Monarchs. The Seahawks quarterback took to Twitter to show off his best impersonation of his coach.

“The young, charming, darker skinned, gum chewing @PeteCarroll @SeattleChildren #HappyHalloween #TraceMe,” Wilson tweeted.

Wilson has a history of going all out for Halloween as the quarterback recently teamed up with his wife Ciara to dress up as Jay-Z and Beyonce. The couple decided to remake a music video from the duo.

“Ciara and I had a little fun — me dressing up as Jay and Ciara dressing up as Beyonce,” Wilson said, per NBC Sports. “We just wanted to have a little fun and play a little respect to Jay-Z and Beyonce and then also we had the Obamas in the background so shoutout to them, too. It was a good time. Ciara killed it. I did my best. That was pretty cool.”

Carroll Squashed Retirement Rumors in 2017

Carroll has had quite the career as both an NFL and college football head coach. His tenure with the Seahawks has gone much better than his brief stints as head coach of the Jets and Patriots.

Carroll left the NFL and later accepted the head coaching job at USC in 2001 where he created a college football dynasty. Carroll wanted to give the NFL one more try and joined the Seahawks in 2010. There was retirement buzz surrounding Carroll in 2017, but the Seahawks coach quickly squashed those rumors.

“People talking about retirement… I ain’t old enough to think about retiring! ?,” Carroll tweeted on December 31, 2017.

Carroll has given no indication he plans to quit coaching anytime soon. The Seahawks head coach is 68 years old but appears to have more energy than many young coaches. One thing we do know is Carroll is going to keep chewing his Bubble Yum gum as long as he is on the sideline.

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