Lamar Jackson Offers Strong Take on Super Bowl LIV

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackson during a game.

Lamar Jackson was an amazing player in 2019, and when his season ended in disappointment in the playoffs, he was understandably crushed.

In the aftermath, Jackson is staying positive as explained during this week’s Pro Bowl, but just because he has moved on right now doesn’t mean he has any interest in watching the Super Bowl play out.

Asked this week by the media if he has any interest in the game, Jackson offered a surprisingly blunt take. He’s not planning on watching the big game, and he doesn’t really care who wins when all is said and done.

Obviously, to not be in the Super Bowl in 2020 burns Jackson deeply considering the season that both he and the Baltimore Ravens had and how it ended. It frustrates him so much so that he is skipping America’s big game altogether.

Ravens fans should love the focus and dedication Jackson is showing following one of the toughest losses in NFL playoff history.

Media Defends Lamar Jackson After Loss

Jackson is being blamed for a second straight Ravens meltdown in the postseason, regardless of his stellar 2019 season on the field. In spite of that, though, not everyone is rushing to blame the team’s quarterback for being ousted from the playoffs again.

In the aftermath of the 28-12 defeat to the Tennessee Titans, former quarterback Danny Kanell explained that even though Jackson had one bad night, age is still on his side, as is the fact that he recently finished off an amazing season on the field.

As was also pointed out, other quarterbacks also started out with early holes in their playoff resume. The run of both those guys ended pretty good as well with a bunch of Lombardi Trophies.

Obviously, there is still ample time for Jackson to turn things around and make his playoff resume better down the line.

The hope for fans is one day soon, Jackson won’t have to answer questions about whether or not he’ll watch the Super Bowl because he’ll be there.

Lamar Jackson vs. Patrick Mahomes

Though the duo did not meet up in the 2020 playoffs and haven’t dueled there as of yet, it will not be a stretch to see them battle into the next decade as the next “it” rivalry at quarterback in the NFL. Mahomes, just a few years into his career, has burst on the scene with an MVP award, All-Pro honors and has been to a pair of Pro Bowls. Jackson is set to do the same after his work this season.

Head to head, the Chiefs have beaten the Ravens two straight games dating back to 2018. Jackson hasn’t yet managed to get over the hump with a win against his biggest rival. Until he does, it’s fair for some to keep him behind Mahomes in terms of the best in the NFL.

Stay tuned in the future, of course, to see where the argument goes in the coming years. Many see this as the new big rivalry in football for a long time.

For now, Jackson doesn’t seem to be too interested in seeing if his new rival Mahomes ends up breaking through and winning.

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