Woman Claiming to Be Baker Mayfield’s Mistress Does Radio Interview

Getty Emily Wilkinson and Baker Mayfield.

A woman claiming to be the mistress of Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield got on the airwaves to tell her side of the story on Tuesday.

Over the weekend, Kacie Dingess took to Twitter to vent over being blocked by Mayfield, saying she had some “tea to spill” regarding the Browns QB. In now deleted tweets, Dingess went on to allege that she and Mayfield had a sexual encounter.

Dingess went from social media to radio with her allegations, joining Rover Radio to further speak on the topic.

“We were texting for a while and then finally he was like ‘come see me.’ I drove all the way to Westlake, it was like behind Cheesecake factory at some development parking lot. He texted me on the way there saying I have to keep my phone in the car. I was kind of sketched — if this really isn’t him, I have to keep my phone in the car?”

Despite that, Dingess said she approached a “large SUV,” finding out it was Mayfield.

“I got in the front and he said are we going to do this or not?… After I left he texted me you’re actually a really cool person but you can’t say anything, like it’ll ruin my career.

“A few months passed — or a few weeks — where I hadn’t talked about him. I literally forgot about him and I get blocked on Twitter.”

Mayfield has not responded to any of the allegations. The video of the interview is below, but warning, there is some NSFW language.

Baker Mayfield was Married in the Offseason

Baker Mayfield married his wife, Emily Wilkinson, in the offseason. The wedding was in Malibu, California and hosted big NFL names like Jarvis Landry, Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr.

According to Showbiz Cheatsheet, Wilkinson and Mayfield’s relationship became public when they were spotted together at a Los Angeles Clippers game in January 2018. Mayfield locked Wilkinson up long-term last year, proposing to her and announcing it to the world in an Instagram post.

An ESPN profile by Mina Kimes further recounted how they met, which included some social media annoyance by Baker.

The quarterback and his fiancée, who is from Nebraska, were introduced in 2017 by a mutual friend. At the time, Wilkinson was living in Los Angeles. She says she was wary of dating a “punk football player” and ignored Mayfield’s advances for months: He repeatedly followed and unfollowed her on Instagram, trying to attract her attention. Finally, in late December, they exchanged messages. He begged her to meet him before the Rose Bowl, his final college football game. She reluctantly agreed to grab lunch.

The Mayfields star in the Progressive ad campaign which shows them living in the Browns home field, FirstEnergy Stadium. Recently, Baker Mayfield has posted photos with his wife on social media. The comments were turned off on the posts.

View this post on Instagram

Take us back to Antigua.

A post shared by Baker Mayfield (@bakermayfield) on Feb 10, 2020 at 6:41pm PST

Baker Mayfield Looking to Bounce Back From Tough Season

After garnering some MVP hype in the preseason, Mayfield finished the year with 3,827 yards, 22 touchdowns and 21 interceptions, ranking next-to-last in both passer rating (78.8) and completion percentage (59.4%) despite having both Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry at his disposal.

“It was a different year for me,” Mayfield told reporters at the end of the season. “Definitely didn’t have it all figured out. A lot of learning lessons, life lessons for me. I’m going to come back a different animal come spring time. …I love this game. I play it because it’s hard to play, it’s hard to have success. It’s the process you have to enjoy. The ups and downs. There was a lot of that this year.”

The Browns new regime — which includes head coach Kevin Stefanski and general manager Andrew Berry — are excited to work with Mayfield as he looks to bounce back in Year 3.

“Obviously, I was a part of drafting Baker in 2018. I can tell you there was kind of an organizational consensus with selecting him with the first overall pick,” Berry said in his introductory press conference. “Still have a lot of belief in Baker as a quarterback, his talent and what we think he can become in the NFL. Looking forward to seeing what Kevin, (offensive coordinator) Alex (Van Pelt) and his staff do with Baker this spring and into the fall. We are really excited about his future, and I am really excited about the work that Kevin is going to do with him.”

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